Skateboarding Setup

Nick Magri Skateboard Set up

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Skateboarding Setup by Mind Map: Skateboarding Setup

1. Skateboard Deck Size

1.1. Skateboard Deck Sizes range from 7-10in

1.2. Recommended Starting size is 7.5 In to 8 in which offer more stability and are easier to flip

1.3. After choosing you'll next need some grip tape which goes on top of the deck which provides grip so you can control the skateboard

2. Wheels

2.1. Depending on what you want to accomplish with a skateboard you'll need wheels to go with it so you are able to ride around.

2.2. If you're looking to cruise around you'll need 54-60 mm wheels

2.3. if you want to longboard go with 60-75 mm wheels which will go over bumps and cracks smoothly

2.4. If you want to hit the skate park or skate in the street 50-60 mm is recommended which makes you more light weight and faster

3. Trucks

3.1. for Trucks you typically have three options and they are based on preferance

3.2. High Trucks- they're standard on most boards and gives you a little more height so you can make sharper turns without wheel biting which can make you fall.

3.3. low trucks- are more seen in street skating because it provides a more stable center while skating and provides more a pop which can allow for jumping higer.

3.4. Hollow Trucks- Hollow trucks give you the option of a very light weight truck that increases speed and make you jump a lot higher because of the reduced weight.

4. Bearings

4.1. Steel Bearings- Steel bearings are highly durable and are ideal for street skating and high jumps like stairs and rails. Downside is they can rust overtime due to moisture.

4.2. Ceramic Bearings- Ceramic Bearings are ideal for cruising and riding fast since the don't sustain as must friction when going at high speeds and they don't rust. Downside is considering they are ceramic they aren't ideal for high impact like jumping stairs and ledges and such.

4.3. Titanium Bearings- Titanium bearings perform like the steel bearings do they are just more lightweight and don't rust as easy.