Diplomatic Recognition of an Autistic Nation

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Diplomatic Recognition of an Autistic Nation by Mind Map: Diplomatic Recognition of an Autistic Nation

1. why?

1.1. we ASD people have a distinct yet diverse culture of our own

1.2. but often go unrecognized of the fundamental difference and suffer frequent misunderstandings

1.3. to raise awareness of our culture, creating a sovereign state of autistic people will have the most compelling impact

2. similar projects

2.1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micronation

3. what we need

3.1. according to the Declarative theory of statehood

3.1.1. (a) a permanent population

3.1.2. (b) a defined territory

3.1.3. (c) government

3.1.4. (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states

3.2. according to the Constitutive theory of statehood

3.2.1. "if, and only if, it is recognized as sovereign by other states"

3.2.2. Most modern authorities reject the constitutive theory of statehood

4. names

4.1. topological suffixes

4.1.1. -land

4.1.2. -ovo/-evo

4.1.3. -ia

4.1.4. __ republic

4.1.5. - dor

4.2. keywords

4.2.1. autism

4.2.2. diaspora

5. todo

5.1. create an official website

5.1.1. history

5.1.2. geography

5.1.3. politics

5.1.4. military?

5.1.5. provinces

5.1.6. economy

5.1.7. science

5.1.8. transport/communication

5.1.9. demographics

5.1.10. culture

5.1.11. tourism

5.1.12. sports

5.1.13. religion