IX Subscription

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IX Subscription by Mind Map: IX Subscription

1. Business Agility

1.1. Changing market dynamics

1.1.1. Address changes in the market due to COVID19

1.1.2. Shift from owning products to accessing experience Stay relevant to the market Go right to adoption stage Be flexible with collaboration in the cloud with Avaya Spaces Consistent Workforce Ensure Productivity Seamless Experience

1.2. Achieve More

1.2.1. Access the entire customer experience chest Contact Centre package Voice, solid foundational capbailities Agent Experience, access to exclusive Avaya agent tools A La Carte options Digital, delight customers with multi-experiences Workforce Engagement, drive higher levels of agent productivity and customer satisfaction Self-service, improve productivity, reach, and customer satisfaction

1.3. Steadfast Systems

1.3.1. Outdated technology can lead to business disruption Address infrastructure gaps to ensure security

1.3.2. Always have the latest technology with consistent updates

1.3.3. Enable work flexibility

2. Predictable Cost Structure

2.1. Be governed by opportunity, not caged in by budget restrictions

2.1.1. Maximise value for both customer and for the sales team Customers can still use bundle regardless of cashflow, as some may be reluctant to buy CAPEX after COVID19

2.1.2. Lower cost of ownership

2.1.3. Pay as you access and use capabilities

2.2. Investment protection

2.2.1. No termination penalty when switching from an existing Avaya Contract to the subscription model

2.2.2. Credit discounts available for perpetual license trade-ins

2.3. Select the payment that works for you

2.3.1. Monthly or annual payments

2.3.2. Include devices-as-a-service bundle Increase productivity and customer satisfaction with Avaya's latest phones and devices One year free device subscription for new customers