What You Listen To Can Indeed Change Your Life Forever

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What You Listen To Can Indeed Change Your Life Forever by Mind Map: What You Listen To Can Indeed Change Your Life Forever

1. Podcasts

1.1. Follow the program by Tai Lopez called the 67 Steps. They'll put you in the right mindset for wanting to change.

1.2. Listen to The Tim Ferriss Show

1.2.1. Tim interviews incredible people in a variety of fields, ranging from a sex worker to top politicians, and everything in between.

1.2.2. The magic of that show is that each person is so different that you see other perspectives on the same subject.

1.2.3. Tim asks the same questions to each person, then adds other more personal questions.

1.2.4. He makes them all expose their vulnerabilities and it’s very enriching.

1.3. The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them whenever you’re doing mundane tasks

1.4. Hearing the person’s voice helps it give it more personality and depth as opposed to reading.

2. Music

2.1. Epic music puts you in the mood to accomplish things that are out of your comfort zone.

2.2. You feel more powerful, both physically and mentally.

2.3. Try listening to Thomas Bergersen and Hans Zimmer.

2.4. Try out my Thomas Bergersen playlist on Spotify here.

2.5. When you listen to epic music, you feel epic.

2.6. Songs with powerful, uplifting lyrics works for a lot of people

3. People Around You

3.1. Think about this for a minute.

3.1.1. Who do you listen to the most?

3.1.2. Who do you go to for advice?

3.1.3. Why do you go to them for advice?

3.2. Who tells you the brutal truth?

3.2.1. Trust these people. Listen to them.

3.3. If you have a role modelthat you want to become like, listening to their advice is a first step towards that.

3.4. No one gets to where you want to be without breaking a sweat. Think of them as mentors. Listen to their advice.