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Press secretary by Mind Map: Press secretary

1. History

1.1. New profession

2. Education

2.1. Advertising and public relations

2.2. Translation and translation studies

2.3. Philology

2.4. Journalism

3. Place of work

3.1. public relations departments of various companies

3.2. political parties and individual political figures

3.3. sports clubs

3.4. representatives of show business

4. Functions

4.1. contacts the media and PR specialists

4.2. holds press conferences and other meetings with journalists and the public

4.3. works with the press services of other companies or public figures

4.4. prepares news or official statements as well as refutations

5. Quality of a person

5.1. have a good memory and self-discipline

5.2. be polite and sociable

5.3. have an analytical mindset

5.4. be stress-resistant and workable

6. Attractiveness of the profession

6.1. working with famous people

6.2. the ever-growing circle of friends and career growth

6.3. not boring work

7. Future of the profession

7.1. transformed into a reputation Manager

7.2. the profession will be in demand

8. Requirements

8.1. at least 3 years of experience in media or advertising and public relations

8.2. English language proficiency at least Intermediate level

8.3. good speech and writing skills

8.4. photo and video shooting skills