EDSC 535: Survey of Educational Research

EDSC 535 Course Overview

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EDSC 535: Survey of Educational Research by Mind Map: EDSC 535: Survey of Educational Research

1. Module 1: Introduction to Research

1.1. Students will become members of the class and familiarize themselves with the course syllabus and course calendar. They will explore the research process and compare/contrast qualitative and quantitative research approaches.

1.1.1. Narrated Presentations: The Process of Research & Quantitative and Qualitative Research Approaches Textbook Discussion: Chapters 1 & 2 Research Discussion: Introduction to Research & Identifying a Research Topic

2. Module 3: Quantitative Research

2.1. Students will explore quantitative research designs, methods of sampling, principles of probability and measurement, the purpose and use of descriptive and inferential statistics. They will identify when and where each method should be used in a research study.

2.1.1. Narrated Presentations: Quantitative Research Designs, Methods of Data Collection, Analysis & Results Textbook Discussion: Chapters 6, 7 & 8 Research Discussion: Quantitative Design Research Proposal: Consider Quantitative Research Design

3. Module 4: Qualitative Research

3.1. Students will explore qualitative research methodology, methods of gathering information, and principles of verisimilitude, reliability, and generalizability. They will also examine how to analyze and report findings in qualitative research.

3.1.1. Narrated Presentations: Qualitative Research Designs, Data Collection, and Analysis Textbook Discussion: Chapters 9, 10 & 11 Research Discussion: Qualitative Research Research Proposal: Research Design

4. Module 5: Mixed-Methods Designs

4.1. Students will consider mixed methods designs, and action research as methods to improve practice, and will discuss how they may add a mixed methods approach to their own research design. They will also finalize their research proposal by articulating how they will proceed with implementing the study

4.1.1. Narrated Presentations: Mixed Methods Designs, Action Research and Conclusions to Research Reports Textbook Discussion: Chapters 12, 13 & 14 Research Discussion: Mixed Methods Design Research Proposal: Conclusion

5. Module 2: The Foundations of a Research Study

5.1. Students will examine how to identify why a study is important, explore the necessary steps to conduct a review of the literature, and learn how to pose constructive research questions. They will begin their own Research Proposal by compose a statement of the problem, identify the purpose, begin work on a literature review, and draft research questions.

5.1.1. Narrated Presentations: The Research Problem, The Literature Reviews & Research Questions Textbook Discussion: Chapters 3, 4 & 5 Research Discussion: Posing Research Questions Research Proposal: Statement of the Research Problem, Intent of the Study and Research Questions

6. Textbook