How to create high-converting 30 seconds explainer videos for any niches in less than 2 hours wit...

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How to create high-converting 30 seconds explainer videos for any niches in less than 2 hours without having to hire anyone by Mind Map: How to create high-converting 30 seconds explainer videos for any niches in less than 2 hours without having to hire anyone

1. 1. Define The Audience

1.1. Demographics

1.1.1. age group, gender, location

1.1.2. 50 year old women california

1.2. What problem are you solving?

1.2.1. losing weight is difficult

1.3. What solution are you offering?

1.3.1. keto meal plan

1.4. Implications of the problem?

1.4.1. believing that they need exercise hard

1.4.2. believing that they should do calorie counting

1.5. What result they want without which pain?

1.5.1. HOW to lose weight WITHOUT exercise and calorie counting

1.5.2. HOW to (get result) WITHOUT (pain)

2. 2. The Script

2.1. Problem, Agitate, Solve

2.1.1. PROBLEM: Introduce the problem with 2 questions

2.1.2. AGITATE: Define the implications of or agitate the problem

2.1.3. SOLUTION: Introduce your solution

2.2. Template

3. 3. The Voiceover

3.1. Fiverr

3.1.1. human voice

3.2. TextToSpeech

3.2.1. faster

3.2.2. cheaper

3.2.3. robot voice

3.3. Your own voice

3.4. NoteVibes

3.4.1. Sign up

3.4.2. Paste your text

3.4.3. Convert

3.4.4. Download

3.4.5. Note: Free plan enough for 3 30 seconds VO

3.5. Soundtrack

3.5.1. Bensounds

3.5.2. AudioJungle

4. 4. The Storyboard

4.1. Sign up to

4.2. Paste the script scene by scene

4.3. Insert an action for each scene

4.3.1. Fitness Grl Dumbells Happy Run in Run Out TIred

4.3.2. Hipster Checking Phone Music Run in Run out Sad Showing phone Unsure

4.3.3. Chef Mixing Pot Perfect Tired Unsure Walk in Walk out Wave

4.3.4. Construction On computer Phone Sitting & Typing Thumbs Up Tired Unsure

4.3.5. Football Juggling Run in Run out Sad Thumbs Up

4.3.6. Doctor Ipad On computer Phone Pointing ThumbsUp Tired Typing

4.3.7. SuperHero Angry Drinking Fly in Fly out Flying horizontal Flying loop Flying up Holding sign Selfie Sign

4.3.8. Teacher Coffee On computer Pointing Thumbs Up Tired Typing Unsure Wave both hands

4.3.9. Business Coffee Handshake Ipad On computer On phone Pointing Thumbsup Typing Unsure

4.3.10. Tennis Celebrating Drinking Ipad Run in Run out Tennis serve Thumbs up Unsure

4.3.11. Athlete Coffee Eating Hi5 On computer Phone Phone call Typing

4.3.12. Beach Drinking Eat Phone Phone Call Pointing Selfie Sunbathing Thumbs up

4.3.13. Cyclist Front idle Front pointing Front thumbs up Front tired Front wave Side idle Side pointing Side tired Side wave Thumbs up

4.3.14. Police Angry Handcuffs Happy Ipad Pointing Talking Thumbs up Waiting Walk in Walk out

4.3.15. Santa Coffee chair Gift Ho ho ho Phone Sit coffee Sit laptop Sit sleeping Sit typing Sitting Sitting chair Sleeping chair

4.3.16. Global Actions Catch Idle Walk in Walk out Wave

4.4. Action can be

4.4.1. Character

4.4.2. Character + Object

4.4.3. Character + Text

4.4.4. Object

4.4.5. Object + Text

4.4.6. Kinetic Text

5. 5. The Video

5.1. 1. Create the story

5.1.1. scene by scene

5.1.2. focus on the actions and story

5.1.3. dont worry about formatting, alignment, backgrounds, motions, transitions, etc

5.2. 2. Add the backgrounds

5.2.1. where needed add background scenes

5.2.2. add background rectangles to switch background colors

5.3. 3. Edit the video

5.3.1. review everything scene by scene

5.3.2. align all elements, fix formatting, fix colors, add motions, add transitions,