Transformational Leadership


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Transformational Leadership by Mind Map: Transformational Leadership

1. Idealized Influence

1.1. provides a role model for high ethical behavior, instills pride, gains respect and trust.

2. Inspirational Motivation

2.1. the leader articulates a vision that is appealing and inspiring to the followers

3. Intellectual Stimulation

3.1. the leader challenges assumptions, takes risks, and solicits' followers idea.

4. Individualized Consideration

4.1. the leader gives empathy and support, keeps communication open and places challenges

5. vision

5.1. clear direction

6. charisma

6.1. awakening others through the use of personal reference

7. symbolism

7.1. celebrate excellence and high achievements

8. empowerment

8.1. delegating challenging task

9. intellectual stimulation

9.1. create high quality solutions

10. integrity

10.1. following through commitments

11. characteristics

12. four elements

13. ways to empower teams

14. get immediate feedback

14.1. seeking feedback makes the problem to be solved faster

15. executive transparency

15.1. share information

16. offer new challenges

16.1. offer a better way to finish tasks to increase productivity and efficiency

17. respect boundaries

17.1. give them new challenges but keep in mind to not step over their boundaries

18. provide flexibility

18.1. seek their creative input

19. don't micromanage

19.1. give the followers space and trust them