A day in Oss in 2050

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A day in Oss in 2050 by Mind Map: A day in Oss in 2050

1. Criminality

1.1. Was known as a criminal town

1.2. Camera above the city

1.2.1. 80% decrease of criminality Criminals are more aware of being watched

1.2.2. sight of 10 km height

1.2.3. Everyone is observed closely

2. Personal space

2.1. 1.5 meter distance

2.1.1. Life seized bubble People are provided with material once a month When wanting closer contact, apply to government Restricted rules Made of elastic material

2.1.2. 1 year prison as punishment 3 warnings when bubble snaps Bubble snaps when contact is within 1.5 meters After warnings 1 year imprisoment

2.2. New culture

2.2.1. Individualism

3. 30 years ago

3.1. Deadly stabbings

3.1.1. City was known as knife pullers

3.1.2. Last accident april 2020

3.2. Many car fires

3.2.1. Every month minimum of 3 car fires

3.2.2. Pyromaan was not caught

3.3. Pandamic Corona virus

3.3.1. Oss was infected tremendously

3.3.2. Overcrowded hospitals

3.4. Human beings in shops

3.4.1. Human contact in shops

3.4.2. Nothing was done by robots

3.5. Personal space was unpunishable

3.5.1. No ristrictions

3.5.2. No rules or punishments

3.6. Cleaning was done by humans

3.6.1. Doing dishes themselves

3.6.2. Mopping floor themselves

3.7. No smart houses

3.7.1. Cooking themselves

3.7.2. Regulating the heat inside themselves

4. Technology

4.1. No human beings in shops

4.2. Replaced by robots

4.2.1. Robots controlled by previous employees

4.2.2. Unemployment has not fallen drastically

5. Household

5.1. Automatic cleaning

5.1.1. When the floor detects dirt, it cleans itself This happens by steaming options underneath the floor

5.1.2. Automatic cleaning options for windows

5.1.3. Detects dirty laundry and cleans it instantly

5.2. "Smart houses"

5.2.1. House cooks diner automatically

5.2.2. House warms itself automatically It cools itself down when leaving