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Help Scout Articles by Mind Map: Help Scout Articles

1. FAQ

1.1. Pricing FAQ

1.2. Templates FAQ

1.3. Contact Us

1.4. Page Size FAQ

1.5. Working at Venngage FAQ

2. Getting Started

2.1. Onboarding Guide

2.2. How do I Use Templates

2.3. How do I Save My Work

2.4. How do I locate infographics I have created.

2.5. How do I Create From Blank

2.6. How do I Delete Infographics

2.7. Do You Have Any Tutorials

3. Printing

3.1. Professional Printing

3.2. How Do I Download My Inforgraphic

3.3. How to Set Browser or Computer Zoom to 100%

4. Editor Functions

4.1. How Do I Align Objects

4.2. What are the "Interactive Infogrpahic Widgets"

4.3. How do I Group and Ungroup Objects

4.4. Copying Between Designs

4.5. How Do I Make A Copy of My Inforgraphic

4.6. How do I Undo or Redo

4.7. How Do I Layer Objects

4.8. How Do I Duplicate/Cop Objects

4.9. Managing Pages

4.10. How Do I Save My Colors In Swatches ?

4.11. How Do I Rename My Infographic to Change The Tile

4.12. How do I Create A Watermark

4.13. How do I multi-select objects behind larger objects

4.14. how do I lock objects

4.15. How do I zoom in or out

4.16. Using Design AI to generate custom slide designs from your text

5. Text & Fonts

5.1. How do I edit text?

5.2. How do I create hyperlinks for text

5.3. how do I use the HTML text widget?

5.4. Using Custom Fonts

5.5. use design ai to generate custom slide designs from your text

6. Icons and Shapes

6.1. How to use the replace feature

6.2. lines borders and shapes

6.3. how to use icons

7. Images and Uploads

7.1. how do I upload my own image

7.2. how do I add a hyperlink to an image

7.3. how do i use the photo library

7.4. how do I edit images

8. Graphs and Charts

8.1. How do I edit the Data in My Graph or Chart?

8.2. How do I Edit the Maps in My Inforgraphic Template

8.3. How Do I Add and Edit A Table

8.4. How do I change the colours in my chart

8.5. How Do I Add A Symbol To A Chart?

8.6. How do I add graphs and charts?

8.7. How do I import from Google Sheets?

8.8. How do I Add and Edit a Data Label on My Chart?

8.9. How do I change my bar chart style?

8.10. How do I create a timeline?

8.11. How do I change the grid in my chart?

8.12. How do I edit the legend in my chart?

8.13. How to Import Data from a .csv or an Excel File

8.14. How do I resize a chart?

8.15. How To Change the Chart Title

9. Icon Charts

9.1. How do I use Icon Charts?

9.2. How do I display ratios with Icon Charts?

10. Export and Download

10.1. What export options are available for which type of account?

10.2. How do I download my infographic?

10.3. How to Set Browser or Computer Zoom to 100%

10.4. How do I preview my work?

10.5. Troubleshoot Downloading Issues

10.6. Keep Editing Your Design in PowerPoint

11. Publish and Share

11.1. How do I publish my Infographic?

11.2. How do I publicly share my Infographic?

11.3. How do I embed my infographic on my website?

11.4. How do I share my infographic privately?

11.5. How do I add my infographic to an email?

11.6. How do I unpublish my infographic or change the privacy setting of my infographic?

11.7. How do I view infographics shared with me?

11.8. How do I share on Instagram?

12. Page Settings

12.1. How do I change my page size?

12.2. Use DesignAI to Generate Custom Slide Designs from Your Text

13. Business

13.1. How do I add team members to my Business account?

13.2. How do I use folders?

13.3. Using Custom Fonts

13.4. How do I use "My Brand Kit"?

13.5. Create and Share Team Infographic Templates

14. Education and Classroom

14.1. How do I add students to my education account?

15. Account Settings

15.1. How do I add a coupon code?

15.2. How do I cancel my Premium account?

15.3. I cancelled my Venngage infographic subscription, can I get a refund?

15.4. How Do I Upgrade?

15.5. How do I delete my infographic account from Venngage?

15.6. Can I pay with a check or purchase order ?

15.7. Where can I view the Terms and Privacy Policy?

15.8. How do I change my email?

15.9. How do I reset or change my password?

15.10. How do I change the language?

15.11. Downgrade from Business Monthly to Premium Monthly

16. Terms

16.1. Terms of Service 2.3

16.2. Terms of Service 2.2

17. Privacy

17.1. Privacy Policy 2.0

17.2. Privacy Policy 1.0

17.3. Política de privacidad 1.0

17.4. What data do we collect and how

18. Background

18.1. How do I change the background?

18.2. How do I make the background transparent?