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Fake News by Mind Map: Fake News

1. Social Impact

1.1. Self Blame/Hatred/Incite Fear (Coronavirus doctor's diary: 'Fake news makes patients think we want them to die':

1.1.1. A: Covid-19 Patients

1.1.2. A: Patients suffering from Mental Health B: Social Causes/NPO (e.g. World Federation for Mental Health, Happiness Initiative)

1.2. Cause distress and incite violence ('Some spreading fake news about foreign worker dorms to incite violence: Shanmugam': singapore/some-people-spreading-fake-news-about-foreign-worker-dorms -to-incite-violence-shanmugam)

1.2.1. A: Foreign Workers B: Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME)

2. Community Impact

2.1. Result in distrust between groups of people/communities

2.1.1. A: Religious Groups/Communities B: Rise Against Racism campaign

2.2. On-the-ground initiatives created by communities and NPO to call out fake news

2.2.1. A: Public B: The Hidden Good (SG), The Straits Times

2.3. Leaking personal and sensitive information

2.3.1. A: Public B: EC-Council, Apple, Telegram, KkaokkaoTalk

3. Political Impact

3.1. Biased/Unfair Elections

3.1.1. A: Sabotage

3.2. POFMA Legislation implemented

3.2.1. A: Public

3.3. Governments get to decide what is considered Fake News

3.4. Propaganda Tool/Agenda Setting

3.4.1. A: Politicians B: Media Watchdog groups (e.g. AllSides)

4. Individual

4.1. Personal Responsibility

4.1.1. Fact Checking

4.1.2. Question Credibility/Reliability of source A: Media & Journalist B: BBC/The Straits Times/Reuters/Global Witness

4.1.3. Mindful Sharing A: People who share mindlessly B: Game/App Company

4.1.4. A need to educate others not to spread false information without verifying the source A: Elderly A: Parents A: Students B: Kaplan, KUMON

4.2. Distorted sense of reality due to misinformation

4.2.1. Inability to differentiate right from wrong A: Elderly B: Government Agencies

4.2.2. Constant paranoia and doubt

5. Economic Impact

5.1. Rise in scams

5.1.1. More stringent checks & verification being implemented A: Elderly B: The Hidden Good (SG), Hoax Slayer A: Youths B: Scam Alert (SG), Hoax Slayer, (International) A: Family