New Media: Key Terms and/or Concepts

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New Media: Key Terms and/or Concepts by Mind Map: New Media: Key Terms and/or Concepts

1. Archive

1.1. Responsibility: Keen addresses this concept, if we are going to allow the archive to grow and change...then we as users and consumers need make sure we are diligent in policing that information. if we don't take on some sense of responsibility then the archive will be corrupted!

2. Ecology

3. Information

3.1. Multi-Media: the whole structure of multi-media relies on the information someone is conveying. With the rise in creating multi-platform delivery--you really have to cultivate your information in terms of delivery. Before you cultivated your delivery in terms of the information but I think the emphasis now is in the opposite direction.

4. Interactivity

5. Interface

5.1. Multi-Media: I like thinking of the concept of interface as a translator when thinking about multi-media. Multi-media allows you to create works that cater to different senses...but I think it just translates that information into a new perception?

5.2. Openness: only when someone is truly open to possibilities can the idea of interface be challenged. without that challenge there is no new creativity.

6. Network

7. Pattern

8. Performance

8.1. Habits of Mind: Creativity? how does this play? I think it effects it but need to develop more!

8.2. Flexibility: If you cannot adjust to changes in situations, expectations, or demands then your performance will never serve the intended purpose

9. Persistence

9.1. Engagement: If consciously think of engagement when you compose your rhetoric...then persistence will fall into place. DEVELOP MORE!

10. Proairesis

11. Simulation