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My Game Plan by Mind Map: My Game Plan

1. Career

1.1. Intelligence Analyst

1.1.1. Intelligence analysts work for agencies of the government like the CIA and National Security Agency. They tap the political science major’s understanding of political groups to assess developments in volatile areas of the world.

1.1.2. Average Yearly Salary: $68,381

1.1.3. This is a dream career of mine because it brings the Political realm as well as my dream military career of being an intelligence officer together.

1.1.4. Intelligence analysts must be U.S. citizens, they typically hold bachelor's degrees in intelligence studies, national security, or political science and have some experience in areas like cryptology, intelligence collection, or military or foreign service

1.2. National Guard Intelligence Officer

1.2.1. Part Time option

1.2.2. Intelligence officers are military personnel who are trained to observe threat levels, gain information through observing war zones and enemy lines, direct security operations and other activities that involve secret observational operations regarding threats to the military or country.

1.2.3. Annual Total as a 2nd Lieutenant: $6,794

1.2.4. Upon graduation, I will have to attend a Basic Officer Leadership Course focused on being an Intelligence Officer.

1.3. Running for Political Office

1.3.1. This would probably come later on in my life, but I would like to run for political office. I would probably start off small as a mayor or governor and hopefully work my way up into Congress.

2. Living Environment

2.1. Country Mouse

2.2. I'd like to stay in MD or within the local area of MD, PA, and WV around Hagerstown

2.2.1. I say this because the intelligence jobs are all in or around D.C. and in my opinion, the Hagerstown area isn't that bad of distance away. But this is my dream location. It might not be the most ideal

2.3. I would like to travel abroad but not live abroad

2.4. At first, I would like to be living in an apartment until I can more afford my own house

2.5. Important quality of life details:

2.5.1. A good amount of space or land in the final house

2.5.2. A good school district area for my future children

3. Fun

3.1. Activities:

3.1.1. Possibly something Archery related since I'm a certified coach and I love Archery

3.1.2. Possibly something tech related since I've been the lead sound technician at my church for the past year and I love it

3.1.3. I like working out and exercising so that is something I'd like to continue doing.

3.2. Type of People

3.2.1. I'd like to be around people that think or have the similar opinions as I do. But I wouldn't be bothered if they weren't and we still were good friends.

3.3. Atmosphere

3.3.1. The most conductive atmosphere for my idea of fun involves people who are fun loving, have a good sense of humor, and get sarcasm.