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1. Jake Shears

1.1. Connotes that masculine identities are complex and open to negotiation, gender identities are fluid.

1.2. Playful nature of the army uniform suggests that he forms his identity out of his costume and performance

2. Economic Context

2.1. Print curculation is 60.000 and Online 90,000 unique users each month

2.2. Most respected gay magazine in the UK, bestselling and undisputed

3. Historical, Social and Cultural Context

3.1. Public Order Act in 1986

3.2. Important Gay Acts

3.2.1. Service to the Armed Forces in 2000

3.2.2. The Equality Act in 2010

3.3. Marriage between same sex couples is put into force in 2014 in the UK

4. Convergence and New technologies

4.1. Gauntlett's theory of identity, online media contributes to the perception of an open realm of possibilities. Online media has offered plurality and diversity of representations. Audience's use these narratives to frame our experiences.

4.1.1. Individuals can find out what kind of person they want to be - they might learn that their gay identity is part of a community, it is more accepted than they think.

4.2. Jenkin's transmedia storytelling

4.2.1. A story that flows across multiple media channels, each platform making a unique contribution to the storytelling process. Attitude on Facebook, Instagram, the website, twitter.

4.3. Shirky's End of Audience theory that suggests that we speak back to the media in various forms, we have become prodcuers thanks to online media.

4.4. Hall's reception theory is seen in the responses to Attitude Magazine articles on Facebook

4.5. How Attitude captures and keeps online audiences

4.5.1. Lede into - the introductory part of a news article

4.5.2. Wraparound advertising

4.5.3. Star Power

4.5.4. Teaser headlines

4.5.5. High image to text ratio

4.5.6. Emotive language

5. Production Context

5.1. Niche audience as focuses on sexualirty first and foremost

5.2. Sold worldwide as a physical edition, and also sold digitally on IOS and android

5.3. High social media influence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

5.4. Owned by Stream Publishing

6. Media Language

6.1. A special appeal point for the magazine is their exclusive interviews and star power

6.2. Constructed as a 'lifestyle' magazine'

6.3. Serious 'reportage' style, professiona - serious tone.l

6.4. 'Trump would support a homosexual senator in the whitehouse' is an article that shows how stories have their unique selling point - a gay angle.

6.4.1. Emotive language is used often by journalists in condeming homophobia.

6.5. The magazine is relatable as it has features on 'real people', relate to the masses.

6.5.1. 'Real Bodies' is an example of this, making a reader take a critical look at their own health and fitness.

6.6. Serious news mixed with entertainment, different avenues of specialisation

6.7. Short paragraphs used by tabloid journalism to appeal to a younger, broader audience and to maintain concentration.

6.8. Use of fair use imagery

6.9. Use of intertextuality is seen with how heterosexual imagery is given a homosexual meaning - seen with the Daniel Craig article

7. Audiences

7.1. ABC1 gay males who are social media savvy, have a disposable income as the magazine expects them to buy luxuries - gym membership e.g.

7.2. left-wing and liberal

7.3. Entertanment is a core leasure activity for the audience

7.4. Reformers/Aspirers

7.5. Part of the leading edge tribe - interested in new technology

7.6. Might have casual followers who are drawn to specific articles and interviews