Root Cause - Why WAW launch will fail ?

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Root Cause - Why WAW launch will fail ? by Mind Map: Root Cause - Why WAW launch will fail ?

1. WAW fails to identify potential business opportunities.

1.1. Targeted segment fails to offer potential business opportunities

1.1.1. Failure to identify the most important customer - which industries &/age-group to serve and which to ignore Failure to recognize the exact customer problem that fits 'inclusive' business purpose Problem is too wide-scale Poor understanding of specific customer needs within IT & Finance Not having extensive consumer research - limited surveys/data collection Business owners comfortable within their own professional knowledge domain and not deep-diving other industries to truly know the customer Lack of understanding of specific customer needs and problems outside IT & Finance

2. WAW fails to build a sustainable competitive advantage

2.1. Failure to identify the most important and/exact competitors

2.1.1. Failure to wisely spend time on assessing specific competitors Lack of identifying the exact targeted customer segments for whom we are creating value and the related competitors associated to that segment Refer to Problem 1 Root Cause Analysis

2.2. Failure to create the unique differentiator in 'present' time

2.2.1. Appending value propositions in the existing category - Women empowerment & non-profit Inability to identify a unique category to address the problem Women investors/founders ' limited time to invest in these problem areas if WAW is treated as a side-business

2.2.2. Too many players already existing in this domain/category - incumbent competitors likes of Corporate HR (e. Bravely, 1on1 Help), large-scale organizations likes Lean In, Catalyst, Career Coaches/Mentors

2.2.3. Failure to create a sustainable differentiator that can be executed on a day-to-day basis Failure to understand what matters to the customer most and what can be executed on a day-to-day basis

2.3. Failure to continuously evolve the competing factors for long-run

2.3.1. Lack of identifying the predictors of long-run outcomes Failure to assess the impact of any 'intervention' on a market - Global response towards COVID19/Change in Tech/Impact of policy change

3. Misalignment on co-founding partners' mission

3.1. Misalignment on the values that partners are bringing in

3.1.1. Not 100 percent vetted partners

4. Suppliers & Partners fail to live up to WAW's values and ethical standards

4.1. Failure to engage the right choice of key suppliers and partners

4.1.1. Lack of 100 percent vetted supplier &/ partner engagement process Lack of defined ethical standards between company and suppliers and/partners

4.1.2. Unavailability of reliable independent resources Compromise on the ethical standards and quality of resources to meet growing business demand and manage financial constraints

5. WAW fails to sustain organic business growth

5.1. Program/service offered through digital platform necessarily may not address problems for all working women

5.1.1. Same formula for value proposition may fail to integrate with every customer routine Limitations on providing feedback through physical channel can create a barrier to understand various customer needs Specific customer needs may need to be addressed through a different non-digital medium

5.2. Platform fails to maintain economies of scale

5.2.1. Customers hesitant to use the platform - Sensitive in sharing personal information Privacy and Security laws not well-thought through in terms of managing & retaining customer data. Fails to give assurance to customers to share their personal data if required

5.2.2. Product fails to create a psychologically safe platform for customers to share their learning and success The women network who are users of the platform fails to create a trusted bonding to share personal problems that could be individual specific and/cultural specific Too much heterogeneous user network creates barriers to develop trusted bonds

5.3. Inaccurate pricing model

5.3.1. The profit margin is not appropriately set that can reflect the demand/supply for this specific business and existing market Lack of extensive research of the market

5.3.2. Lack of relevant research on customer's willingness to pay for this business

5.4. Challenges in reaching out to extended communities

5.4.1. Platform not having all the context of network effects The platform is not well-partnered Failure to identify all possible partners and their engagement model

6. Lack of available funding to launch WAW to market

6.1. Unappealing to VC

6.1.1. Unattractive pitch Lack of specific objectives Lack of well-laid out plan

7. Unsuccessful product design

7.1. Lack of clear vision of what the finished product looks like

7.2. Development team fails to deliver the necessary IT solution for the platform

7.2.1. Misalignment on the business objectives and technical design of the solution Initial engagement on discovery and analysis session on requirements fails to deliver a well- defined product backlog

7.2.2. Supplier/Development team fails to meet the standards of technical competency

7.2.3. Lack of iterative delivery and gathering initial customer feedback to the solution

8. WAW fails to define measurable outcome

8.1. Vision of creating 'inclusive' community fails to address customer pain that can be 'exclusive' in its nature

8.1.1. Need for a customer in a particular region, society, culture & family could be different to a customer from a different demographic or even from same demographic

8.2. Failure to set specific business objectives that align with WAW's mission

8.2.1. Failure to define the specifics of 'change'/'purpose' that WAW wants to achieve Not enough clarity on what to change - Men Culture ? Women Emotions ?Org Policies ? Men Advocates ? Challenge in narrowing down the problem - Problem is too wide-scale and prevalent for many years

9. Difficulty in keeping momentum and people motivation

9.1. Failure to define and communicate changing policies effectively

9.2. Failure to cope with initial challenges of evolving strategies for the start-up

9.2.1. Failure to hire people with the right balance of personality combinations to work for a start-up

9.2.2. Failure to bring in people who believe in WAW's mission, work for passion and not for money in the early stages

10. Lack of agility in technology stack

10.1. Failure to create a culture of experimentation

10.1.1. Failure to hire the right talent who can work with evolving changes in technology Failure to hire people with the right balance of technical and behavorial skills Hired people who are not motivated by the vision of WAW

10.1.2. Inability to access and control change in the technology stack Limitations on implementation model with vendors/suppliers responsible for development

10.1.3. Inability to expand the technology based on change in strategy and/business need Architectural solution design not flexible to meet expanding changes due to monolithic style

11. WAW fails to build public awareness for its existence

11.1. Unable to reach out to wide-scale of customers

11.1.1. Lack of adequate marketing of the platform Lack of initial investment on advertisement to create public awareness. Failure to create a proper network effect that can boost up the awareness on its own

12. WAW fails to build in technical asset required to deliver maximized value

12.1. Fails to bring in required technical resources to the platform eg. Mentors/Psychologists etc

12.1.1. Fails to identify the right choice of suppliers whom can be engaged

12.1.2. Fails to hire the right talent with appropriate technical competencies Fails to identify exact services to be delivered Fails to bring in right talent with technical competencies and emotional passion to be motivated to work in this industry

12.2. Challenges in keeping up-to-date with growing knowledge

12.3. Lack of initial investment for training people to run the business

13. WAW fails to build standard value-creating activities

13.1. Fails to address women challenges having time constraints due to in-equal house-hold share

13.2. Fails to address women support required on mentor-ship based on certain age, org hierarchy, technical background, culture, geography

13.3. Fails to address interpersonal challenges based on age/culture/geography

13.4. Fails to create a successful platform that enables women to connect and build trusted groups that can deliver meaningful value to them

14. WAW fails to generate sustainable revenue stream