To Become Super-Likable, Practice “The Ben Franklin Effect”

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To Become Super-Likable, Practice “The Ben Franklin Effect” by Mind Map: To Become Super-Likable, Practice “The Ben Franklin Effect”

1. The Ben Franklin Effect.

1.1. Logic suggests that if you do someone a favor, they’ll reciprocate. Not so, according to the theory.

1.2. You are more likely to receive a favor from someone if they have already done one for you.

2. The hard truth about the “Ben Franklin Effect.”

2.1. You can’t go around asking people to do you favors and expect them to oblige.

3. A strategy to enhance your likability

3.1. Learn about the people you wish to befriend

3.1.1. Ask questions to learn more about their likes and interests.

3.1.2. Pay attention to the things they speak of most.

3.1.3. Discover what’s important to them.

3.2. Ask for a targeted favor

3.2.1. Ask for a favor that’s easy to deliver but meaningful for you to receive.

3.2.2. Don’t put someone in an uncomfortable position.

3.2.3. Never ask someone to do you a favor when you should be paying them for their work.

3.2.4. Attune yourself to opportunities as they arise.

3.2.5. Pay attention to the subtle cues.

3.2.6. Ask them for a favor that validates what they are proud of

3.3. The gratitude sandwich

3.3.1. Always express gratitude once the favor completes.

3.3.2. Start with a sincere thank you.

3.3.3. Include a sentence about how it benefitted you or what it meant to you.

3.3.4. Sandwich it with a closing, thank you.

3.3.5. Avoid saying something like, I owe you one, or I’ll make it up to you.