Mindmap zum Discovery Meeting Multiplay

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Multiplay by Mind Map: Multiplay

1. Display product information for customer

1.1. basic information from product catalogue

1.2. detailed information/links

1.3. channel lists for tv packages

1.4. use description and classification attributes as product information

1.5. are there any promotions that are not supported yet?

1.6. contract duration

1.7. should stackability of promotions be supported?

1.8. MultiTax - should both net and gross prices be displayed?

2. Configure tv as a bundle

2.1. TV Kombi vs TV Kombi Plus

2.2. included TV Add Ons

3. Configure tv as an add-on

3.1. show tv products (example s-l)

3.2. show product information or difference, like number of channels

4. Configure tv add-ons

4.1. Show tv add-ons in a structured way (eg. first all add-ons with channels, next ethno packages, next SVOD add-ons)

4.2. different promotions for add TV and addOn broadband

5. Put tv product into cart

5.1. Trial Product/ Trial Addon = Testing Product

6. Multiplay bundle structure adaptions

6.1. Cart structure adaptions

6.2. Rule engines adaptions for hierarchical bundles

6.3. Fulfilment adaptions

7. Check TV availability/feasibility/compatibility

7.1. Anzeige, wieviele SD/HD/UHD Streams beim Kunden möglich sind

7.2. Rules

7.3. Display of possible boxes

8. TV legal texts

8.1. contract

8.1.1. via e-mail to customer

8.1.2. to show

8.1.3. to sign digital sign off on pc monitor (dupos)

8.2. order confirmation

8.3. Auftragsnummer am Vertrag/Inkl Info Auftragsverfolgung

9. Mediaboxes

9.1. Mac Adressen Eingabe für Cash & Carry (falls Cash&Carry in Scope)

9.1.1. Verification of Mac Adresses

9.2. do we have different prices (1st box free/included)?

9.3. PLC Adapter

9.3.1. Mesh

9.4. one product but different SOCs for Billing

9.5. possible number of boxes depends on internet product / speed?

9.6. if first box is not preselected or removable error message is needed "first box is needed for tv"

9.7. ActivationCode

10. Create & Config TV user

10.1. UI user field

10.2. info TV user on contract

10.3. Journey Coordinator API for displaying Config PSC in a generic way

10.4. Kontakt E-Mail Adresse als Empfänger Adresse für Produkt Informationen (Pflichtfeld/optional in verschiedenen Geschäftsfällen)

10.5. Username syntax with error messages

10.5.1. inculding syntax explanation

10.6. relation to the contractmailaddress

10.7. usage of ESB Service IdentityAndAccessManagement mandatory (last flow BRPM-20637)

10.8. Prüfung Mailadresse auf korrekte Struktur

10.9. Anzeige ob Username ein bestehender Mein A1 User oder neu ist

10.9.1. keine Smaus

10.10. Abstimmung Richtung Kirk

10.11. Anziege ob User bereits ein Xplore TV User ist

10.12. syntaxcheck of given string

10.13. Triggering Username and Password Reset E-Mail after Order is sent

10.14. usage of the already existing Parameters (no new names) because of follwing process which relay on them (e.g. PSC_ONE_TV_EMAIL_USER; PSC_EMAIL_ACCOUNT_CREATED, ..)

10.15. if username is printed in contract - no Change of the username should be possible

10.16. Kontaktemail aus PC übernehmen oder neue erstellen und wieder an alle Systeme verteilen

10.17. Configure TV user

11. Regional TV pricing

11.1. Auswirklungen CRM und Aktions IDs für Pricing

11.2. Berechtigungen(Kunde und Verkäufer)/PLZ/Machbarkeit/Zeitraum/

11.3. configuration of regional promotions

11.4. two different taxes 10% and 20% must also be considered at the discounts

11.5. Salzburg Offer

12. Sky packages

12.1. special connect plus promo

12.2. Pairing code

12.2.1. Verification?

12.3. Takover existing sky package

12.4. difference between Sky Offering Bundles (not in inventory) and Sky Products in inventory

12.5. Sky Offering Bundles are only offered if there is no Sky product in CPI

12.6. reusing existing logic in OfferingEngine where the SkyOfferigBundles must be seperated to inform SKY BRPM-12721

12.7. Skypakete dürfen nur neu bestellt werden, müssen aber bei folge Bestellungen ersichtlich sein, dürfen nur bei technischen Einschränkungen wegfallen, können nur von Sky geändert/gekündigt werden. Kündigung nur bei KÜ des TV Produkts

13. GUI design (and UX)

13.1. Userstories

13.2. Produktmechanik, Rules

13.3. Requirements POS/Online

13.4. Promotions

13.5. Are we really using IKEA style and calling the customer "Du" in the future?

13.6. Display of promotion content & pricing

13.7. Usability &Performance/Selbsterklärend

13.8. All product infos, namings, pricing, conditions

13.9. Payment & delivery options

13.10. Generic Guided Selling / Config Wizard

13.11. simple overview buyable of products and filter options

14. Customer testing & feedback

14.1. Field Trial with Sales Agents

15. API changes

15.1. Adapt ShoppingCart API to support the new structure

15.2. Whitelist additional API Services&Ops

15.3. Volume & Expected Performance

15.4. Adapt ProductOffering API

15.5. Adapt ProductOfferingQualification API

16. Salesforce integration

16.1. TV Landingpage?

16.2. "target groups"?