Everything you need to know about infographics.

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Everything you need to know about infographics. by Mind Map: Everything you need to know about infographics.

1. What´s an infographic?

1.1. Combination of synthetic, explanatory and easy to understand images and texts to communicate information visually to facilitate its transmission.

2. Elements to consider when making an infographic

2.1. Images

2.1.1. Animated image will be more feasible in infographics for children

2.2. Text + illustration

2.2.1. Identify when certain words can be replaced by images

2.3. Structure

2.3.1. Make it interactive, with sections to order, list, classify, etc.

2.4. Color

2.4.1. Properly choose colors according to different classifications. Primary colors: RED, BLUE AND YELLOW Secondary colors Complementary colors

2.5. Backgrounds

2.5.1. Combine the background colors with the letters and identify in which situations to use certain colors (For example, in dangerous situations use yellow, white and red)

2.6. Style

2.6.1. Play and match the styles of the letters (bold, italic, underline, etc.) So that the text does not look flat.

2.7. Source

2.7.1. It is recommended to use the fonts without serif because they are easier for children and the general public.

3. Where to make infographics?

3.1. CANVA is undoubtedly one of the best online pages where you can make infographics since it is very complete.

3.1.1. You can make an infographic from scratch or use the infographics that are predetermined.

3.1.2. It should be noted that Canva is not a completely free page, since there are certain elements that can only be used when having the PRO version