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1. Resources

1.1. Real Estate License & MLS System

1.2. Escrow & Title Company (Investor Friendly)

1.2.1. JJPLegal

1.3. General Contractors

1.4. Real Estate Attorney

1.4.1. Juan Perez Esq.

1.5. Property Management Company

1.6. Coaching & Mentoring

1.7. Virtual Assistant + Call Center + Acquisitions Manager

1.8. Lead Generation + CRM System

1.8.1. Reifax

1.8.2. REI Simple

1.9. Lender x Retail Buyers

1.10. Fix Credit Agency x Retail Buyers

2. Capital Sources:

2.1. 2. Hard Money

2.2. 1. Own

2.3. 3. Private Money

2.4. 4. Joint Ventures

3. Markets: Florida

3.1. Miami-Dade

3.2. Broward

3.3. Palm Beach

3.4. Duval

4. Property Types:

4.1. SFH 3/2, 1000 to 1500 SqFt, $150k to $400k ARV

4.2. Multi-Family 4-units, $400k to $600k ARV, Min.10% CapRate (to buy&hold)

5. Acquisition Strategies

5.1. Subjet To

5.1.1. For Buy&Hold

5.2. Lease Options

5.2.1. For Buy& Hold

5.3. 70% Rule - Rehab

5.3.1. For Wholesale

5.3.2. For Wholetale

5.3.3. For Fix&Flip Add Value

5.4. 1% Rule

5.4.1. For Buy&Hold Multi-Family

6. Marketing Strategies

6.1. Networking

6.1.1. Meet Ups Own: Formando Inversionistas Hispanos

6.1.2. REIA Clubs Breia + MD Reia

6.1.3. Educational Events & Conventions

6.2. Direct Mail

6.2.1. Yellow Letters x Distressed Properties

6.3. Social Media

6.3.1. FB Groups Retail Sellers by location We Buy Houses Cash RE Professionals & Investors Wholesalers Private Groups Real Estate Agents Private Groups Cash Buyers Wholesalers Private Groups Reifax System

6.3.2. FB Ads Campaigns x Sellers Leads How To Sell Your House Quick Guide to Rent Your House Quik Steps to sell your house in 30 days or less The 3 ways to sell your house with no commission You don't Need to make repairs to sell your house How to Sell your house cash in today's market x Buyers Investor Leads How to start your 2nd source of income The most important thing you need to know before purchasing a house (and your agent generally don't suggest you) If you are buying a house, Don't do that !! (read this before) How to rent your next home for $ 0 Learn how to avoid your rent and mortgage payments for ever x Landlords to convert to LO Leads Guide to Rent your house quickly For how much can I rent my house ? x Tentants to convert in Tenant/Buyers Leads Learn how to rent your next property without hassle Stop Rent, Rent To Own x Buyers to convert in Tenant/Buyers How to buy a home with only $9,999 Buy your home today, pay your mortgage starting on 2022 Buy your home even with bad credit Rent To Own, 3% Moves You In Stop Rent, Rent to Own !! Rent to Own your house today, no bank qualify needed

6.3.3. FB Marketplace x LO Sellers x LO Tenant/Buyers

6.4. Buy Qulified Leads

6.4.1. List Source

6.4.2. Reifax System

6.5. MLS

6.5.1. Auto e-mail x distressed buyers & properties

6.5.2. Auto e-mail x LO Sellers

6.6. Web Site

6.6.1. x Retail Sellers (Sales funnel)

6.6.2. x Retail Buyers (Become a New Investor - educational)

6.6.3. x Retail Buyers

6.7. RE Portals

6.7.1. FSBO x LO Sellers x Distressed Properties

6.7.2. Zillow x LO Tenant/Buyers x LO Tenant/Buyers

6.7.3. Craigslist x LO Sellers x LO Tenant/Buyers

6.8. Flyers & Signs

6.8.1. x LO Tenant/Buyers

6.8.2. x Distressed: We Buy Houses Cash

6.8.3. x LO Sellers: We Rent & Buy Beautiful Houses

7. Timing & Action Plan

7.1. 1. Capitalize

7.2. 2. Stabilize the Income and the Assets

7.3. 3. Create Pasive Income (Cash Flow)

7.4. 4. Expand from SFH assets x large Multi-Family assets

8. UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

8.1. For Sellers

8.1.1. Be creative to help to solve their problems, with a smooth selling experience and try to convert them in a Successful RE Investors

8.2. For Buyers

8.2.1. We Sell Properties That Make Sense Only

8.3. For Partners

8.3.1. We only make a win-win-win situation deals

9. Exit Strategies

9.1. Wholesale

9.1.1. Expected Profit per Deal: 10% to 15% of ARV (Min. $5000)

9.2. Fix & Flip

9.2.1. Expected Profit per Deal: Min. $20,000

9.3. Buy & Hold

9.3.1. Expected Profit per Deal: Min. 20% CoC (5-7 years hold) + Tax & Equity Benefits

9.4. Wholetail

9.4.1. Expected Profit per Deal: 16%+ of ARV (Min. $40000)

10. Budget

10.1. Find a lender to pay for Tenant/Buyer campaign