What is the difference between human intelligences and AI?

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What is the difference between human intelligences and AI? by Mind Map: What is the difference between human intelligences and AI?

1. AI has been much faster than human intelligence lately because of the software. In addition, AI can scan information faster than human.

2. Technological tools working with artificial intelligence make human life easier because they work with a mindset that thinks simpler than the human brain.

3. Since artificial intelligence has an analytical mindset, it thinks and applies things that it should do analytically. Unlike this, human intelligence has the ability to analyze emotionally what it is supposed to do so that it can think about the consequences of what it does and act accordingly.

4. While we use the AI system to save time, our experiences is more important to us before doing something. AI doesn't always present the best procedure, so human intelligence steps in at that point.

5. While human intelligence can think abstract, artificial intelligence cannot think abstract for instance, AI cannot understand or comment on riddles.

6. Human intelligence could draw the line to Progress of AI so that human intelligence has a great imagination.

7. Although artificial intelligence encounters a situation different from the situations it has experienced before, it may face difficulties in understanding and adapting to them, human intelligence can adapt and understand more quickly in the face of these changes.

8. Human intelligence can do more than one job at the same time. However, AI may have difficulty in this situations because they programmed to do certain job.

9. While artificial intelligence tends to do many human jobs, it does not have the ability to make decisions in situations such as making choices, and here human intelligence comes into play roles.