GeoStrat Web Testability

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GeoStrat Web Testability by Mind Map: GeoStrat Web Testability

1. Digital Library

1.1. Security - viewing only my stuff

1.2. General Data Products

1.2.1. Test Add, Edit and Delete

1.2.2. Show only in Geostrat

1.3. Well Logs

1.3.1. Test Add, Edit and Delete

1.3.2. Show only in Geostrat

2. Digital Library

2.1. General Data Products

2.2. Well Logs

3. Stratigraphic Sections

4. Map

4.1. Map Search

4.1.1. Drill into Details with info Boxes

4.2. Map View

4.2.1. Drill into Details with info Boxes

5. My Data

5.1. Stratigraphic Sections

5.1.1. View / Edit Test Add, Edit and Delete For: Cited Publications Log Runs453 Paleo Environment Paleontology Precision - Lab Well Info

5.1.2. Bulk Loader

6. Ready for Testing

6.1. Backlog

6.1.1. Dig. Library Bulk Loader

6.1.2. Strat Section Security editors are supposed to be able to view the security table, but not edit it, they can both view and edit all other tables Add Data Reader to Access Level

6.1.3. Map Map Search Strat Sections Field Areas Samples Map View Samples Field Areas Strat Sections

6.1.4. GeoObject Add/Edit/Delete Security Comments Roles Stratigraphic Position Lithologic Units Petrology Resource Item Experiments Age Archived Information Calibration Errors Contact Info Drillholes Field Features Geothermometers Major & Minor Oxides Major & Trace Elements Radioactivity Radiogenic Isotopes Stratigraphic Sections U-Pb-Th Geochemistry Stable Isotopes Other Compounds Other Analytes Log Runs Geochronologic Age Field Areas Decay Constants Casing Analytical Standards Analysis Details Additional Information Analytical Blanks Samples Lithology Geographic Location Stratigraphic Columns Expeditions Grant Details Alternate Identifiers

6.2. Assigned to

6.2.1. Kim

6.2.2. Daniella

6.2.3. Tim

6.2.4. Delora