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World War 2 by Mind Map: World War 2

1. Great Depression

1.1. Trust in Government droped

1.1.1. Hitler rebuilt German economy

1.2. Italy weathered it better then most

1.3. USA

1.3.1. Persuit of pleasure Economic Boom Bust, Stock market crash

1.4. Weakened Britans army

2. Germany

2.1. Suffered from hyperinflation

2.2. Became a democracy

2.3. expansionisme

2.3.1. italy Abynssinia Mussilini wanted to recreate the Roman Empire

2.3.2. Japan Wanted to expand through Asia Indo China Manchuria Europeon Colonies

2.3.3. Slovakia Appealed to Germany for protection Germany basically annexed them peacefully The first time that Germany had taken over a not originaly German country

2.3.4. Austria Hitler's country of birth a referendum was held The night before, afraid, Hitler attacked The Austrian Chancellor resigned the day before hitler attacked

2.3.5. Czechoslovakia Sudetenland Handed over

2.4. Adolf Hitler

2.4.1. Control of the Nazi Party

2.4.2. Mein Kampf Blamed Germany's problems on Jewish people, and other minorities Agressive stance

2.4.3. Chancellor ( Emergency) Reintroduced conscription

2.4.4. Pact with Japan , against Russia Promising protection

2.4.5. Strong Sense of Nationalism restoring Germany's Pride

2.5. Third Reich

3. Nurnberg Laws

3.1. Laws against Jews

4. Political Instability

4.1. Germany

4.1.1. Felt betrayed by their politicians, during WWI

5. Poland

5.1. Staline made non-aggression pact with Germany (Third Reich)

5.1.1. The Soviet Union could take over Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania Germany and the USSR would split Poland

5.2. Germany wanted Denzing

5.2.1. If Germany attacked, Britain and France would declare war Augest 31st, Germany prepared to attack

6. Italy

6.1. Mussilini

6.1.1. Lead Faschists Marched on Rome Asked to form Government

6.1.2. Built his armed forces up Navy Airforce

6.1.3. Transformed Infrastructure

6.1.4. Big Influence on Hitler

6.2. Edge of anarchy

7. World War I

7.1. Germany had to pay reparations

7.2. Treaty of Versailles

7.2.1. Demartalised Rhineland

7.2.2. Limited German Army (Troops, tanks, airforce, etc.) Hitler Luffwaft was against the treaty

7.2.3. Disbandment of A.H. Empire, Reduction of Germany

7.2.4. Outlawed Gas Italy used against Abssynia

7.3. League of Nations

7.3.1. Japan Universaly condemned

7.3.2. Economic sanctions against Mussolini,

7.3.3. Solved problems by debate

7.3.4. Germany and Italy left the League in 1937

7.4. France and Britan

7.4.1. Never recovered economicaly

8. Spain

8.1. General Fransesco Franco

8.1.1. Ex Army, Exiled to Canary Island

8.1.2. Proclaimed Nationalist mouvement, to save from communisme

8.2. Civil War

8.2.1. Franco Supported by : Mussolini Hitler

8.2.2. Republic (Appealed to...) Britan and France Signed a policy of non-intervention Volenteers Russia Sent too little help, too late

8.2.3. Hitler used the war to test his new forces

9. Stalin

9.1. Civil War in Spain

9.1.1. Built up his army

9.2. Worried about the Hitler

9.2.1. Signed non-aggression treaty with Germany

10. Military Powers (Western Powers)

10.1. Japan

10.1.1. Exploding Population and Industry

10.2. Russia

10.3. Britan

10.4. France

10.5. United States