Future State Operational Model

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Future State Operational Model by Mind Map: Future State Operational Model

1. Human Resources

1.1. Bi-Annual Compensation Review

1.2. Annual Benefits Review

1.3. Quarterly Reviews

1.3.1. Accountability Chart Review

1.3.2. KRA

1.3.3. Growth Plans

1.4. Monthly 1:1s

2. Initiatives/Stratop

2.1. Bi-Annual Project Scrub

2.1.1. Ops Manager Traction-ify's

2.2. Annual StratOp (+VTO) Summit

2.2.1. Ops Manager Traction-ify's

3. Removed Meetings

3.1. Ops Weekly L10 Meeting

3.2. VI Weekly Meeting with Miles/Val

3.3. Stratop Bi-weekly Meeting (replaced)

3.4. Design Team Daily Team Check In

4. Work

4.1. Account Services Team

4.1.1. Weekly Accounts Planning Monday Monday - Val/Kerrie/Rachel/Lucy/Jordan - 1 Hour Review Work Due This Week Report - Build Standup Priority List for the Week & Client Status Updates Capacity/Resource Planner New Projects that Need to be Built After Action Reviews that Need to be Scheduled New Quotes that Need to be Made Web Project Review

4.1.2. Weekly Accounts Meeting Thursday Thursday - Val/Kerrie/Rachel/Lucy/Jordan - 1 Hour Work Due Next Week Report - Quickly Look at Next Week & SOW Hour Spot Check Report Design Needs/Notes from Their Team Meeting Spot Check Work for 2 Clients - Review Report, Look at Web (Desktop & Mobile), Review Google Rankings & GMB Listing, Review Social Copy & Creative, Etc. New Projects that Need to be Built After Action Reviews that Need to be Scheduled New Quotes that Need to be Made

4.1.3. Weekly Accounts L10 Meeting Friday Friday - Rachel/Lucy/Jordan - 1/2 Hour Podcast Discussion & Gold Nugget Additions Focus: L10 and Coaching As a team we are listening to the Paid Search podcast and Jenna Kutcher - we listed to one of each every week and discuss during our meeting. Make sure account managers are prepared & ready for meetings and feel comfortable and confident with the meeting content Client Relationship Questions/Issues Runaway Projects (over budget, deliverable delays, etc) Roadblocks

4.1.4. *Project Planning Meetings

4.1.5. *After action meetings

4.1.6. *Client Onboarding Meetings

4.2. Design Team

4.2.1. Bi-Weekly Design Team Meeting L10 - Tuesday (Run opposite of leadership, so 2nd and 4th)

4.3. Strategy/Digital Team

4.3.1. 1st Tuesday: Campaign, Big Picture, Flag clients and campaigns

4.3.2. 3rd Tuesday: Client Scope, Report, and Red Flag Review

4.4. Team Wide

4.4.1. Monthly Team Lunch Meeting Monthly StratOp AIP Review???

4.4.2. Daily Standup

5. Owners

5.1. Bi-Weekly Owners L10

5.1.1. 2nd Thursday

5.1.2. 4th Thursday

6. Leadership Team

6.1. Bi-Weekly Leadership Meeting

6.1.1. Agenda: Scorecard/This Week/ Last Week/ Wins/ Roadblocks /Departmental Updates/ AIP Review

6.1.2. Quarterly Coaching Meeting with Diane

6.1.3. 3rd Thursday

6.1.4. 1st Thursday