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Linux by Mind Map: Linux

1. Linux History

1.1. developed by Linus Torvalds

1.2. initially it was a self contained Kernel for 80386 processor

1.2.1. first 32 bit intel PC compactable CPU

1.3. Linux Kernel is the original piece of software developed from stratch by the linux community

1.4. Early development stages made linux code avaliable on internet

2. Linux Kernel

2.1. had no networking and was compitable intel processor and PC hardware and had extremely limited device driver support

2.1.1. only file system supported was minux file system

2.2. first linux kernel introduced to public was version 0.01 on May 14, 1991

2.3. the next mile stone version was linux 1.0

2.3.1. released on march 1994 it includes networking unix standard

2.4. Kernel 1.2

2.4.1. was the final PC this version implemented support for SPARC, Alpha,,etc..

2.5. Kernel 2.0

2.5.1. had 2 major components support for multiprocessors architecture 64 bit alpha architectures support

2.6. Kernel 2.2

3. Linux System

3.1. linux kernel forms the core

3.2. Linux kernel code was completely written form the stratch

3.3. linux system as a whole is maintained by a loose network developers

4. Linux Distrubutions

4.1. anybody can install a linux system

4.2. linux disttrubutions include

4.2.1. linux system along with extra system installation and management utilities

4.3. first developed distrubution managed many packages by providing a means of unpacking of all files into appropriate places

4.4. modern distrubutions have advances management including package tracking databases

5. Linux licensing

5.1. Linux kernel is distrubuted under GNU General Public License(GPL)

5.1.1. these terms are set by free software foundation

5.2. linux is not public domain software, public domain has no copywrite over the software

5.3. The main implication of linux licensing terms is

5.3.1. user can create a own version of linux but cant make it proprietary