Career (Content)

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Career (Content) by Mind Map: Career (Content)

1. Format and Test

1.1. Interview Prep. (Test and format and sample)

1.2. COC, MOM, Resignation, joining letter, Offer letter, Cover letter etc

1.3. CV / Resume (Test and format and sample)

1.4. Technical Test, Aptitude test

1.5. Recruiter sample

2. Skills


2.1.1. Core Communication Listen Speak/Interact Write

2.1.2. Persuasion/Promotion Persuade Promote Sell Speak to Groups

2.1.3. Consultation/Influence Consult Interview Negotiate


2.2.1. Organizational Management Coordinate Implement Manage Projects Organize/Plan

2.2.2. Facilitative Management Build a Team Coach Set Goals

2.2.3. Leadership and Leadership Potential Envision Lead Make Decisions


2.3.1. Analysis/Problem Solving Analyze Research Solve Problems

2.3.2. Information/Data Management Categorize/Classify Evaluate Manage Data or Records

2.3.3. Computational/Quantitative Budget Compute Estimate Forecast

2.4. Creative skills

2.4.1. Intuitive Brainstorm Demonstrate Foresight Use Intuition

2.4.2. Inventive Conceptualize Design Synthesize/Integrate Visualize

2.4.3. Artistic/Aesthetic Author/Compose Create Images Perform

2.5. Relational Skills

2.5.1. Core Relationship/Interaction Collaborate Demonstrate Social/Cultural Sensitivity Resolve Conflict

2.5.2. Support/Service Advocate Provide Care & Support Serve as a Liaison Serve Clients & Customers

2.5.3. Counsel/Teach Counsel Facilitate Groups Train/Instruct

2.6. technical skills

2.6.1. Visual/Motor Body Coordination Hand Dexterity Observe

2.6.2. Build/Structure Build/Construct Restore/Renovate Sketch/Draw

2.6.3. Equipment/Technology Inspect/Test Install Operate Equipment Repair


2.8. Presentation Skills



3. Jobs

3.1. Job that fit you

3.1.1. fill form and give test (then AI results to give proper job profile that match to user)

3.2. Different category of jobs overview, skills req., Salary

3.2.1. Aviation Aircraft Dispatcher Aircraft Mechanic Airline Pilot Federal Air Marshall Flight Attendant Transportation Security Officer

3.2.2. Arts Actor Architect Art Appraiser Art Auctioneer Artist Museum Jobs Music Conductor

3.2.3. Business Accountant Administrative Assistant/Secretary Advertising Chief Operating Officer City Manager Consultant Financial Advisor Fundraiser Government Jobs Human Resources Insurance Agent Investment Banker Lawyer Management Market Research Analyst Nonprofit Job

3.2.4. Law Enforcement Border Control Agent Correctional Officer Criminal Justice DCIS Special Agent Federal Law Enforcement Fish and Game Warden ICE Agent K-9 Police Officer Police Dispatcher Police Officer State Trooper Uniformed Secret Service Officer

3.2.5. Media Book Publishing Freelance Editor Freelance Writer Public Relations Web Developer Writer/Editor

3.2.6. Medical Doctor Forensic Psychologist Hospitalist Mental Health Counselor Nurse Orthodontist Paramedic Pediatrician Physician Assistant Psychiatrist Psychologist Social Worker Veterinarian

3.2.7. Service Industry Bank Teller Call Center Funeral Director Hair Stylist Personal Fitness Trainer Retail Sales Ski Instructor Waiter Wedding Planner

3.2.8. Teaching Career Counselor College Professor School Jobs Substitute Teacher Teacher Teaching Abroad Teaching Online

3.2.9. Technology App Developer Back End Developer Computer Programmer Computer Systems Administrator Database Administrator Front End Developer Programmer Software Developer Web Developer

3.2.10. Jobs Listed by Type of Position First Jobs Jobs for 14- and 15-Year-Olds Jobs for High School Students Part-Time Jobs for College Students Jobs for College Graduates Jobs Abroad for College Graduates Part-Time Jobs Temp-to-Perm Jobs Internships Seasonal Jobs Summer Jobs Summer Jobs for Kids Summer Jobs for Teachers Jobs for Parents Work-at-Home Jobs Work-at-Home Data Entry Jobs Online jobs

4. News - Trending - home page

4.1. Effect of news on Jobs - example - convid19

4.2. Good example of people - company success story

4.3. Trending Skills and jobs and articles

4.4. Position for test - to check which job is better for them!

4.5. A position to test new things there