My Projects/Seeds

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My Projects/Seeds by Mind Map: My Projects/Seeds

1. Become an Influencer in Cognizant! (Kaladin/Dalinar)

1.1. Work on publishing and presenting insights on Emotional Intelligence to our leaders through the Millennial Council

1.2. Daring Greatly Lead

1.2.1. Purpose & Values ambassador

2. The Coaching Project (Michael)

2.1. Work on my shadows by self-coaching daily

2.2. Coaching Business (Wit)

2.2.1. My coaching Definition: Work to deepen the understanding of my esoteric nature

2.2.2. Blogging - Medium Start with a series of posts on slack insights on each topic

2.2.3. Run workshops locally A workshop on 'Working with Fear' Do a research on what people are looking Note from Slack: How about sharing somewhere more local. I’m assuming there are places you and your friends check out, for example, where have you noticed listings for events or things you have been interested in locally. You have an audience in India who would respond to something said to that audience particularly if it is designed for them, not for the more generic global and shallow audience. So the more colour you give your writing meaning the more you make it resonant to a specific audience ideally the people you actually can help the better. Because then you can actually work with them and help them. So where are people already looking local to you? Sure they may get to your post on Medium but you’d probably have to tell them to look there. But where can you be so they can discover you because they are already looking there?

2.2.4. Individuals Continue working with Hoshang and Aditi and learn the art and skill by coaching them consistently

2.2.5. Work on creating a Marketing KM

2.2.6. Project Sita Pilot The program in India for finding the relationship of one's dreams!

2.3. Project Sita

3. Moonshots (Naveen Jain)

3.1. Global Abundance Movement - 1M by 2027

3.2. Write a book on channeling Indian Gods (Mads)

3.2.1. Esoteric Channel

3.3. Create a system that does all manager tasks in an offshore it org

3.4. Start 'Chennai Real' (like London Real)

4. Somatic Intelligence

4.1. Work in creating, observing my personal somatic markers of joy, excitement and power

5. The SAAS company (Guruji)

5.1. Being Abundance PM

5.2. Nail Art

5.2.1. Reshma site

5.3. SaaS site

6. Workshop facilitator

6.1. Workshop on ‘Working with Fear’

6.2. Workshop on ‘Introducing Graves’

6.3. Workshop on ‘The Hero’s journey’

6.4. Workshop on ‘Stories’

6.5. Using Technology to contemplate on Abundance teachings

7. The Himalayan Adventure