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Identity by Mind Map: Identity

1. "Only Daughter"- Sandra Cisnero

1.1. what was going on in author's life?

1.2. Purpose of Piece

1.2.1. New node

1.3. World events happening during time of piece being written

1.4. how may identity (theme work into the piece?

2. Painter (Leonardo De Vinci

2.1. work that reflects theme ( Mona Lisa)

2.1.1. what was happening in the world during creation of piece

2.1.2. how does connection of painting with the works enhance them?

2.2. what was happening in authors life?

2.3. inspiration of piece (painting)

2.4. world events and U.S events during the same time frame

3. *How are both pieces similar

3.1. bridge gap between two pieces of work

3.2. how do authors compliment each other

4. "Paintbrush"-Bettie B. Youngs

4.1. purpose of piece

4.2. what was going on in author's life?

4.3. how does theme come out with piece?

5. *Theme: Identity

5.1. denotation meaning

5.2. connotation menaing

5.3. any connections found with it

5.4. does it relate to common themes found in literature?