What Everybody Ought to Know About Hot Drinks

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Hot Drinks by Mind Map: What Everybody Ought to Know About Hot Drinks

1. Sweating is good for you because it helps you to cool down

1.1. A study done at the University of Ottowa shows how important sweating is to keep the body cool.

1.2. Hot drinks also help us sweat more than cold drinks.

1.3. Hot drinks will help us sweat more and stay cooler.

2. You may come across as friendlier

2.1. Holding hot drinks in your hands will make you much more open to other people’s empathy and generosity.

3. Reduce your diabetes risk

3.1. Blood sugar levels will rocket when we drink sugary drinks such as soda, energy drinks, or iced tea.

3.2. Too much sugar may lead to a higher risk of a heart attack, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

3.3. 36 grams (for men) and 25 grams (for women) is the daily recommendation of the American Heart Association.

3.4. Carbohydrates contain a lot of sugar so it is better to limit them and drink water which can dilute the excess blood sugar.

3.5. Walking after meals can also help to burn off excess blood sugar

3.6. Drink hot tea or coffee which is unsweetened.

4. Get relief for coughs and colds

4.1. Hot drinks relieves symptoms of the common cold rather than a drink at room temperature.

4.2. A hot sweet taste does release compounds that are similar to those in morphine which is a great pain reliever.

5. Can hot drinks boost your metabolism?

5.1. Have a hot glass of water with your meal

5.2. Metabolism increases after drinking warm or hot water.

5.3. Add a little lemon juice to help you get used to the taste.

6. Get some more protection from infections

6.1. Hot drinks can help reduce the damage caused by fungi and bacteria.

6.2. It also can loosen the amount of mucous and also speed up its expulsion.

7. You will have improved digestion

7.1. Ayurveda says hot water can improve digestion

7.2. Cold water can cause muscle contraction and that will impede digestion.

7.3. Hot ginger tea can help with your digestion.

8. Cold drinks can damage your teeth

8.1. Iced tea and cold soda contain lots of sugar.

8.1.1. When it touches the plaque around your teeth it produces a sort of acid that destroys your tooth enamel.

8.2. Hot drinks are much safer for your teeth and will reduce your dentist’s bill