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Global Cuisine Homepage by Mind Map: Global Cuisine Homepage

1. About Us

1.1. Company info

1.2. Info about the creator of Global Cuisine

1.3. Customer Service email and contact number

1.3.1. Customer Service is available from 10AM to 10 PM PST (Monday-Friday)

2. Video Tutorials

2.1. How to make the meals from the subscription box

2.1.1. Recipes available on the bottom of the page after the video tutorial is over

2.2. Social Influencer's advertising the box

2.2.1. Links to the social influencer's social media accounts

3. Subscription Boxes

3.1. 3 different options for the subscription box

3.2. Info about what's included in the box

4. Pricing

4.1. Pricing Options

4.2. Shopping Cart

4.3. Checkout Process