Leadership Mind Map

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Leadership Mind Map by Mind Map: Leadership Mind Map

1. Great Man Theory

1.1. Born with innate qualities and instincts to lead

1.2. Up until the twentieth century leaders were viewed as male, military or royalty

2. Trait Theories

2.1. Charismatic Leader

2.1.1. Leader who has the ability to inspire and motivate

2.1.2. Charismatic and transformational leaders provide dollowers and inspiring vision

2.2. Successful leaders share 5 Common Traits

3. Behavioral Theories

3.1. Suggest that leaders can be made, rather than are born

3.2. Don't focus on what traits the leader possess but more so what they do

3.2.1. According to University of Iowa there are two leadership styles. autocratic democratic

3.2.2. University of Michigan suggests that there are two leadership styles different from Iowa job/ industry focused employee centered

3.3. Major Theories include the following

3.3.1. Motivation Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Self-Actualization, Esteem, Love, Safety, Biological and physiological; Serve as a foundations for several psychological, emotional intelligence and spirituality theories that have been empirically tested. Leader-Member Exchange Theory Management by Exception Passive and Follower Motivation: The more leaders engaged in management by exception passive behaviors, the lower the followers' motivation. Laissez-Faire and Satisfaction with the Leader: The overall corrected correlation found a strong, negative correlation. The more leaders engaged in laissez-faire behaviors the lower the followers satisfaction with their leaders.

3.3.2. Situational Leadership Leadership specific to the situation or time frame.

4. Leaders and Followers

4.1. Servant Leadership

4.1.1. The leader see's him/her self in service to support their followers.

4.2. Transactional Theory

4.2.1. Realational importance to both leader and follower, usually defined as mutual benefiting

4.3. Transformational Theory

4.3.1. Change is the focus, to better performance of relationship of leader and follower