October Crisis

October Crisis

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October Crisis by Mind Map: October Crisis

1. Causes

1.1. Short Term

1.1.1. FLQ kidnapped James Cross and Pierre Laporte

1.1.2. The arrest and imprisonment of nearly two dozen members of the movement

1.1.3. 50 police officers conduct pre-dawn raids on the homes of 15 suspected members of the FLQ in '63

1.2. Medium Term

1.2.1. WWII Conscription

1.2.2. Assimilation of the French and their culture

1.2.3. Quiet Revolution, gaining back independence

1.3. Long Term

1.3.1. Nationalist discontent and rising unemployment, colonial states rising against foreign imperialism, the FLQ emerged to further the creation of an independent Québécois state.

1.3.2. Regulation 17

1.3.3. Conscription Crisis

2. Consequences

2.1. Short Term

2.1.1. Pierre Laporte was strangled to death.

2.1.2. The War Measures Act during peacetime.

2.1.3. A significant loss of support for the violent wing of the Quebec sovereigntist movement that had gained support over nearly ten years

2.2. Medium Term

2.2.1. The Referendum

2.2.2. Meech Lake Accord

2.2.3. Charlottetown Accord

2.3. Long Term

2.3.1. Le Bloc Quebecois

2.3.2. Official Languages Act

2.3.3. Parti Quebecois