customer nurturing expert of Internet business


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customer nurturing expert of Internet business by Mind Map: customer nurturing expert of Internet business

1. EC business

1.1. store design

1.1.1. description design 博物館のイラスト素材|Freebie AC Mail Magazine

1.1.2. about kobeejapan voice of customer こだわり、Story

1.1.3. recommend other products related products (item description) hot selling products

1.2. customer nurturing

1.2.1. collect voice of customer 2014/4

1.2.2. collect first customer 1 point PR (Uniquro) 人を売る "Haifu menu"

1.2.3. リピーター養成 news letter (online) news letter (paper) profile

1.3. pricing

1.3.1. 共同買取サイトコミュニティ

1.4. new store

1.4.1. Shopee account list 10 items on Singapore store

1.4.2. Shopify create shopify store make contract with creator order creating the shop product data organize poduct data define collections 小規模事業者持続化補助金申請

2. 喜業道

2.1. skill up

2.1.1. nurturing repeater 1. 口コミ伝染病(神田昌典) 2. 1回きりのお客様を100回顧客に育てなさい(高田靖久) 3. お客様はえこひいきしなさい(高田靖久) 4. ニュースレター販促術(高田靖久)

2.1.2. coaching skill learning carriculum practice 20 sessions

2.1.3. 反転授業 reading "Zoom オンライン革命"

2.2. 喜業村

2.2.1. sales tools user flow English larner, expert thoes who are interested in eBay small business sales letter draft add contents schedule application form video of business history market research repport Paypal setting

2.2.2. contents brainstorm make a schedule

2.2.3. promotion for the first class blog 30 articles by the end of this year coaching web page Facebook community my best pro article

2.3. social credibility

2.3.1. my best pro

2.3.2. coaching license(GCS)

2.3.3. publicity