Future Wheel Pandemics

Pandemics and its consequences, ripple effects (future wheel method), collaborative mindmap

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Future Wheel Pandemics by Mind Map: Future Wheel Pandemics

1. people start washing the hands more carefully

2. higher demand for exclusive property

3. people don't trust sharing services anymore

4. shared housing, offices, cars will need to guarantee safe operation

5. boost for cryptocurrency by criminals and people wanting to avoid detection

6. discussion about European Union failing to coordinate effectively

7. less transport

8. political tensions

9. online schools

9.1. AI, neuro feedback to enhance learning

9.1.1. competition between online schools, death of distance

10. games, vr, telestuff

10.1. telepresence innovation

10.1.1. telehaptics

10.1.2. tele intimacy

10.1.3. VR solution for mass gatherings

10.1.4. video solutions for mass gatherings and events

10.1.5. AR for tele work

10.1.6. drones and bots for deliveries but demand for quality: who touches my food?

10.1.7. digital voting

11. more emergency forces

12. more health care

12.1. in house fitness

12.2. tele medicine

12.3. prevention

12.4. fever scanners

12.4.1. also used to detect terrorists on airports

12.4.2. generalized monitoring

12.4.3. bracelets

13. economic downturn

13.1. shortages supply shock

13.1.1. companies go bust, lay-offs governments intervene deficit increases less turism pressure on turism dependent countries, regions on demand, gig economy first victim more appreciation for fulltime fixed employment how strong is the balance sheet of my company? less attention for other issues such as climate less pollution more pollution later on when they try to catch up

13.1.2. central banks intervene markets reverse, or not banks have to take care key employees can keep working additional risk measurement is imposed

13.1.3. rumors about banking hoarding liquidity, tensions in the financial system

13.1.4. reorganization international supply chains moving away from china to countries such as vietnam and thailand (covid-19) decentralization of production

13.1.5. waste accumulates

13.1.6. worries about food supply new models for food

13.1.7. energy markets, oil, tank

14. confidence shaken

15. people sick, die

15.1. inequality gets lethal

15.2. change in demographics

15.2.1. only young and healthy people survive?

15.2.2. wealth redistribution

15.2.3. changes in voting

15.3. inner cities less desirable

15.3.1. movement away from inner cities? changes in real estate prices

15.4. mental, sociological consequences

15.4.1. youngsters rebel

15.4.2. loneliness for elderly

15.4.3. entrepreneurs panic

15.4.4. uncertainty, depression

16. demand protective gear increases

16.1. shifts in production

16.2. 3D printing

17. increasing demand for video conferences, online collaboration, telerobots

17.1. better methods and technologies develop

17.1.1. 5G becomes even more a necessity

18. financial markets hit

18.1. central banks, governments intervene

18.2. some stocks benefit (videoconferencing, healthcare related companies)

19. contactless payments

19.1. increasingly refusal of paper money

20. more surveillance and digitalization

20.1. privacy debate

20.2. more border control, national identification

20.3. push for more crypto

21. religion challenged

21.1. surveillance, IoT

21.1.1. terrorists develop bio terror fever scanners find out about terrorists and sick people

21.2. regimes are criticized

21.2.1. authority based on religion collapses

21.3. vax-discussion

22. international collaboration needed

22.1. discussion about brexit

22.2. clash between nationalism and need for international action

23. fake news spreads

23.1. who tells the truth how to verify

23.1.1. blockchain to the rescue?

23.2. conspiracy theories

23.2.1. debate about further regulation of social networks

24. looking for causes

24.1. deforestation

24.2. urbanization

24.2.1. discussion about living with (wild) animals regulation of markets with live animals

24.3. globalization

24.3.1. increase in racist incidents

24.3.2. more contestation in line with climate activists and protest against "neo-liberal world order" in weird coalition with nationalists of all stripes

24.4. increased consumption animal proteins

24.4.1. more impetus for non-animal food

25. a sense of vulnerability

25.1. in this age people talk about achieving immortaility but also about extinction

25.1.1. climate phenomena, viruses, trade wars, could it lead to a new sense that change is possible?

26. people get suspicious about food

26.1. robots make food (salads, smoothies...)

26.2. people get suspicious about everything

27. people rethink urbanism

27.1. self-reliant neighborhoods

28. new governance?

29. information

29.1. fight against fakte information

29.1.1. quality media get subscription boost

29.2. slump in ads

29.2.1. digital media under more pressure since they often don't have subscriptions