Shanon Mayes- Roles and Responsibilities

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Shanon Mayes- Roles and Responsibilities by Mind Map: Shanon Mayes-  Roles and Responsibilities

1. Human Resources

1.1. Onboarding

1.1.1. Uniforms Name Tag Scrubs Size Color Lab Coat Size Name/Title Polo Size

1.1.2. Lead/Primary Contact Swag Preference Staff Celebration Date Culture Analysis Roster/EE Email List Offer Letter Benefit Effective Date Benefit Sunset Date 401(k) cut off date: Work Comp Term Date: Work Comp Check List Initial I-9 Verification Date: ID Supers/Leads in Payroll Time Tracking System Last day used: PTO Import Data Anyone on Leave? Anyone on COBRA Any 401k Loans? Pay Period Calendar

1.1.3. Radiation Badge Who wears them? Import Distribution

1.1.4. Follow Up Plan/On Going Support

1.1.5. Work Visa

1.1.6. Company Property Credit Card Business Cards

1.2. Ongoing

1.2.1. Succession Planning Termination Interviews Recruiting

1.2.2. Payroll Set Up Finance Hand Off

1.2.3. Job Descriptions Ongoing

1.2.4. Compliance Docs Where docs stored What docs wanted at TOH

1.2.5. Benefit Design & Management Benefit Admin Medical Dental/Life 401K COBRA Leaves Workers Comp TPA Broker Plans Rates Applications POP Plan Development

1.2.6. Pay Scales department position alignment Bonus Stocks "Incentive Plan"

1.2.7. Org Chart

1.2.8. Culture Rewards

1.2.9. UI Training Initial O365 On Going New Hires

1.3. Supervisor Training

1.3.1. Interviewing/Hiring Technologists Licenses Certificates Radiation Badge /Notice Venipuncture Source Verification OIG Check I-9 Process

1.3.2. Wage and Hr

1.3.3. Leaves

1.3.4. Company Policy Dress Code Policy

1.3.5. Sex Harassment

1.3.6. Terminations

1.3.7. Reviews

1.3.8. Staff Appreciation and Praise/Performance Management

1.3.9. New Hire Request

1.4. Staff

1.4.1. Seating & Rotation

1.4.2. Order Name Badge

1.4.3. Order Lab Coat

1.4.4. Initiate Company Profile w/ IT

1.5. Risk Mitigation

1.5.1. Compliance Federal State

1.5.2. Education Trade Subscriptions Conferences Seminars Books

1.5.3. Frequent Review of Policies & Procedures

1.6. VOE

1.6.1. Past Hires

1.6.2. Current EE

2. Operations

2.1. Compliance & Regulatory Federal/State/Industry

2.1.1. Required Trainings Technologist BBP HazComm BioHaz Waste PPE Hep B Venipuncture All Staff MRI Safety Sexual Harassment HIPAA Safety & Postings Research NIH

2.1.2. ACR - Equipment Submission IT Technologist Payment Renewals Organize Data Compliance & Policy Review Annual

2.1.3. MIPS - Rads Organize Data Submission

2.1.4. Credentialing* Rads, Techs, Facility Verification Communications Directory CME

2.1.5. Staff Licenses - Tech & Rads Verification Continuity Outside Sales Valid Driver's License Valid Insurance

2.1.6. AUC/CDS Staff Education Execution

2.1.7. Review Policies and Procedures QTR IIP Program CMS/OIG Sanction Screening Radiation Safety Policy HR & Labor Laws CADPH HIPAA Required Postings (OSHA/Cal OSHA) Required Postings & 300 Forms CADPH - Radiation & Nuclear Title 17

2.1.8. Medical Waste Document tracking Weekly

2.1.9. Radiation Monitoring Badges Monthly Reports Monthly Annual NC5 Shielding Reports Notices

2.1.10. Document Destruction Weekly Document tracking

2.1.11. Upkeep Service Logs Equipment Site PM's Down Time Reports

2.1.12. RadPeer

2.2. Equipment Service & Supplies

2.2.1. Postage Machine

2.2.2. Copy Machines

2.2.3. Aycans

2.2.4. Fire Extinguishers Annual Inspection Monthly Documenting

2.2.5. Injectors Annual

2.2.6. MRI/CT/US/PET/CT Semi-Annually - Annual

2.2.7. Office Supplies

2.2.8. Happy or Not

2.2.9. Chemical Drip System Monthly Clean & Monitor

2.2.10. Break Room Supplies

2.2.11. Marketing Materials Assist in Development Reorder

2.2.12. Staff Roster - Phone Extentions

2.2.13. Storage Site Annual Purge Access

2.3. Vision

2.4. Goal Setting

2.5. Performance Management

2.5.1. New Hire

2.5.2. Ongoing

2.6. Key relationships

2.6.1. ACR

2.6.2. Physicist

2.6.3. Equipment Service Personnel

2.6.4. State CADPH

2.6.5. Radiologists Personal Items Site Access Contact for Staff Improvement areas CME Lab Coats Business Cards

2.6.6. Tennis Tournament Coordinate Staff Coordinate Transportation

2.6.7. Patient Concerns/Complaints

2.6.8. Referring Physician Alternate Workflow Accommodations

2.7. Manage Staff

2.7.1. Scheduling Analyze Volume Rotate w/n Facilities Consider Unavailable Schedules School Time Off Call outs

2.7.2. Performance Worklfows Management Reports

2.7.3. Interns HIPAA ID Worker Comp Verification of Hours

2.7.4. Manage company wide Time Off Calendar

2.7.5. Courier Volume Route & Workflow Valid DL Current Insurance Facility Assistance

2.7.6. Staff That work at home Billing Transcription

2.8. Costs

2.8.1. Vendor Relationships

2.8.2. Monitor Professional Courtesy

2.8.3. Patient Retention Gift Cards

2.9. Create Internal Policies

2.9.1. Staff Education

2.9.2. Create Internal Communication

2.9.3. Forms

2.9.4. Critical Results

2.10. Primary Contact for Site walk thru

2.10.1. State Inspection 3 Yr

2.10.2. ACR 3 Yr

2.10.3. Fire Marshall Annual

2.10.4. Payor As Necessary

2.10.5. Vendor- Contracts Workers Comp Building Insurance

2.10.6. HALO Team Vistis

3. Finance

3.1. Payroll

3.2. Accounts Payable

3.2.1. Payables Enter Bills Pay Bills

3.2.2. Manage Vendor Relationships Communication Lines & quotes

3.2.3. Bank account Reconciling

3.2.4. Credit Card account Reconciling

3.2.5. Staff Reimbursements

3.2.6. Accounts Receivable Monthly Billing Transcription & Rad services Create Invoices Collect Rent Manage Patient refunds

3.2.7. Daily Cash Log Receive cash Make Bank Deposits Checks Daily Bank Deposit

3.2.8. Primary Land Lord Contact

3.2.9. Medical Records Bank Deposits Order Supplies

3.2.10. Collect 1099's

3.2.11. Merchant Processing Management

3.2.12. Petty Cash Monitor Balance

3.2.13. Annual Storage

3.3. Intercept All Mail & Packages

4. Facilities

4.1. Access

4.1.1. Staff

4.1.2. Vendors Physicist Repairs & PM

4.1.3. After hours Contact for Alarms

4.2. Maintenance

4.2.1. Housekeeping

4.2.2. Cleanliness Carpets Shampoo Monitor Exterior Windows Trash Landscape Ice Machine IW Filters Drain & Clean Hard Floors Wax

4.2.3. Electrical Light Bulbs As needed Repairs

4.2.4. Plumbing As needed Repairs

4.2.5. Air Conditioning PM's

4.2.6. As Needed Maintenance Paint Data Lines Electrical Lines Drywall Rain Damage repairs

4.2.7. Appearance Annual Purge E - Waste Spring Cleaning

5. Culture and Balance

5.1. Team Building

5.1.1. Lunches

5.1.2. Meeting

5.2. Cross train Staff

5.3. Coaching

5.4. Conflict Resolution