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Project:Research by Mind Map: Project:Research

1. Budgeting (Alex)

1.1. $800

1.1.1. $100 each towards the team Emory, Alex, Spencer, Sean

1.1.2. $300 for the research we will conducting Library Books Credible websites .Edu .gov etc Surveys made through survey monkey Case Studies

1.1.3. $100 towards the students for testing the methodologies

2. Research (Spencer)

2.1. What are effective ways to evaluate students working in a team.

2.1.1. Collaborate different methodologies

2.1.2. Find working strategies that have helped other groups in the past.

2.2. Student surveys on what they think is the most effective ways to work as a team.

2.2.1. How can the strategies improve?

2.3. Test strategies with different groups of students throughout the week

2.3.1. Receive feedback

2.4. Help from volunteer strategic analyst within the Salisbury community that can count towards credits.

2.4.1. Experienced in the analyst field

3. Workshop Outline (Sean)

3.1. Introduction

3.1.1. purpose

3.1.2. outline

3.1.3. outcomes

3.2. engage

3.2.1. elicit teachers' belief about students' team work and discuss the challenges facing evaluation

3.3. explore

3.3.1. explore the purpose and underpinning principle of student evaluation

3.4. procedure

3.4.1. instructor evaluations create a rubric to set evaluation standards assess performance of groups and its individual members decide criteria

3.4.2. Peer evaluation

3.4.3. General strategies for evaluations evaluate progress

3.5. evaluate

3.5.1. report results

3.5.2. ask questions