Cyberbullying by Abby Brown

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Cyberbullying by Abby Brown by Mind Map: Cyberbullying by Abby Brown

1. Using electronics (anything that you are able to communicate on) to bully a person.

1.1. sending mean messages to someone over text or social media

1.1.1. Posting mean comments on someones post on the internet

1.2. What's Cyberbullying?

2. For every action there is a reaction. Words hurt whether they are in person or over a computer screen. Students should know that what they say online does have an affect.

2.1. If a child is cyberbullying another child, their devices are a luxury. A consequence could be taking the device away from the child.

2.1.1. If the child is cyberbullying on school property, for example texting another student during class mean things, the student should bring it to the teachers attention, and the cyberbully will be sent to the office.

2.2. Pause & Think Online

3. Teaching our children the importance of being digitally fluent

3.1. Students should be taught that there are consequences to their actions

3.1.1. Students should know that social media is a luxury and not a necessity, and if they can't follow the rules things will be done

3.2. 10 Actions to Prevent and Stop Cyberbullying | Kidpower International

4. It's important that action is taken when being cyberbullied. If my student is coming to me with a problem of being cyberbullied I must help them in any way I can.

4.1. Talking to the guidance counselor about said child and bullies, and bringing in the child who is the victim.

4.1.1. Talk to the victim 1 on 1 and see if they would be comfortable telling their parents. It is important that they are getting help if they feel they are struggling, and also calling in the parents of the bullies to discuss the actions of their children.

4.2. Responding to Cyberbullying

5. Informing students about the effects of cyberbullying is so important. Because technology is used everyday, they need to learn how to be decent humans on the internet. My lessonn plan would include having an open discussion, bringing in the guidance counselor to speak to the class, and assigning a project.

5.1. Our open discussion wold involve what they think cyberbullying is., how it affects both parties of the action, and what examples are. I would bring in guidance to properly inform my students from a professionals point of view.

5.1.1. The second part of the lesson would be assigning a project. Part of it would be what they learned, what the affects are, and what they think consequences should be. Next, I would have them put themselves in the victims shoes, and how they would respond if they were being bullied.