6 Ways to Radiate Positive Energy While Communicating Online

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6 Ways to Radiate Positive Energy While Communicating Online by Mind Map: 6 Ways to Radiate Positive Energy While Communicating Online

1. 1. Use exclamation marks

1.1. They will force the receiving end to feel your excitement!

1.2. Many people shy away from these in fear of seeming too eager or too anxious or too cheery, but wouldn’t you rather be too cheery than not cheery at all?

2. 2. Use positive language

2.1. Words like “thank you”, “amazing”, “meaningful”, “value”, and “excited.” make others feel good!

2.2. These words are inviting, encouraging, and generate an overall light and optimistic mood.

3. 3. Ask Questions

3.1. Make the other person a part of the team as opposed to just keeping it all one-sided.

3.2. By asking a question, you will make the positive energy contagious.

4. 4. Vary your sentence structure

4.1. This one gets a little trickier but having both long and short sentences adds to the way your message comes across. All long sentences, for instance, will feel drawn out and monotonous. All short sentences will feel choppy, difficult to get through. But a nice mixture will feel fluid and build upon the other tips above.

5. 5. Use emojis

5.1. Unless we are having the most intense and serious business conversation of our lives, there is nothing wrong with sending a :).

5.2. These symbols help give insight, even if just a sliver, into the body language you are most likely using as the sender of this message.

5.3. The receiver gets to visualize your smile as you send that note, which will certainly add to the feeling of positive energy you wish to give off.

6. 6. Write how you speak

6.1. Sometimes we try to write the way we were taught back in grade school. We say “I am” instead of “I’m” or we start with “hello” instead of, “Hey, how’s it going?” When you write how you speak, you paint a clearer picture of who you are and the energy you are giving off comes more naturally.

7. Final Thoughts

7.1. Just because we’re writing to one another online does not mean we have to totally lose sight of the emotions and feelings involved in a conversation.

7.2. By employing the tricks above, we will be able to break through that awkward barrier of the, “I wasn’t really sure if this message was meant to be a good thing or bad thing because I couldn’t hear how you were saying it or see your face” types of communication confusions.