Demo Program

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Demo Program by Mind Map: Demo Program

1. Sales Impact

1.1. Direct Sales

1.1.1. Events POS Tablet/Laptop Orders Inventory Availability Giveaways Swag Bags vs. Products Varying Levels based on Sales

1.1.2. In-Store Selling Coupons Tiered Pricing Model Today Only Warm Hand-off

1.1.3. Referral Process Training Monthly Quota TSM/RSM Monthly Quota Astro Sign-up

1.2. Indirect Sales

1.2.1. Measuring Retail Impact Gathering Distributor Sales for Comparison

1.2.2. Targeting Low Performing Retailers New Retailer List from TSM Low Performing Referrals TSM

1.3. Marketing

1.3.1. Retailer Social Media Fillable Assets for Retailer's Social Media

1.3.2. Signage Demo Window Sign

1.3.3. Data Capture "Like" us for Coupon Email Address for Coupon Trickle Marketing Direct to Consumer for online order Testimonials?

2. Policy & Procedure

2.1. Daily / Weekly / Monthly Tasks

2.1.1. Labor Review

2.1.2. Demo Review

2.1.3. Random Store Follow-up

2.1.4. Sales/Demo Results Ranking

2.1.5. Bi-Weekly Newsletter

2.1.6. Bi-weekly Team Conference Call Share Best Practices, wins, suggestions from sr. reps

2.1.7. Monthly Department Update

2.2. Management Structure

2.2.1. SOP / Demo Bible Procedure for Common Issues Tracking Repsly Errors Labor/Mileage Audit Determining Event Budgets Contact List Retailer Complaints Training Process Automation & Checklist Keyword Heavy Templates Hiring Process Automation & Checklist On-boarding Process/Checklist Why we interview all R1/Final Interviews Referral Sources Knowledge Check Quizzes Separation Process Removal of Systems Access Removal from Email/Text Groups Demo Kit Return Letter Exit Interview

2.3. Demo Rep Expectations

2.3.1. Minimum Demos Monthly For Free Product For Promotions For Product Discounts

2.3.2. Contract Review Demo Kit Return Verbiage Separate Contract Guidelines Firm tone regarding chargeback Guidelines & Expectations Table Layout Signage/Product Quality Engaging Customer Retail Best Practices Scheduling Scripts Sampling Verbiage Compliance Photo Confirmations Mediation vs. Arbitration

3. Cost Reductions

3.1. Free Products

3.1.1. Minimum Requirements Number of Demos $ Amount of Sales

3.1.2. Limitations Tier 1 - Any Bite Avg. 4 Demos/Month Tier 2 - Adds Canna, Hemp Oil Avg. 8 Demos/Month Tier 3 - Adds Lipo, Capsules Avg. 12 Demos/Month

3.2. Labor

3.2.1. Max $15 for new reps Performance based increases only

3.2.2. <1 hour travel requirement

3.2.3. No pay for bookings

3.3. Mileage

3.3.1. Reduce to $.28 for new reps

3.3.2. Increase Performance Based

3.3.3. No mileage for Public Transport

3.3.4. >50 mile travel limit w/ approval

3.4. Replenishment

3.4.1. Avg. Monthly Cost = $500

3.4.2. Damaged/Opened Product Empty Bags/Boxes No CBD Sampling Plastic Containers 90 day replacement limit

3.5. Supplies

3.5.1. Name Badge Visible Name adds approachability Looks more like employee when away from table Solidifies Authority to Speak on CBD

3.5.2. Smaller Table (new reps) Limited Space at Retailers Major Metro Limits Transportation

3.5.3. Signage Plastic Displays vs. Banners Cheaper to replace Banner parts break, fall, get lost High quality Award Copy Media Mentions Laminated Informational Display

4. Forms

4.1. Hiring Post

4.2. Hiring Response

4.3. R1/Final Interview Questions

4.4. Exit Interview Questions

4.5. Hiring Checklist

4.6. On-Boarding Checklist

4.7. Employee File Checklist

4.8. Demo Checklist for Reps

4.9. Separate Demo Kit Agreement

4.10. Name Badge

4.11. Fillable Social Media Asset

4.12. Demo Rep Guidelines

4.13. Manager Bible

5. Key Objectives 2020

5.1. Strategic Expansion to 20 Major Metro Areas

5.2. Increased Focus on Low-performing Retailers to Maximize Growth Potential

5.3. Advanced Training for Top-tier Reps in upsell/cross-sell techniques

5.4. More Defined Metrics to Better Measure Success and Promote Sales Activity

5.5. Procedural Changes Focused on Program Cost Reductions

5.6. Extensive Development of Program SOP's to Increase Efficiency