How to Be a Successful Intrapreneur at Work.

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How to Be a Successful Intrapreneur at Work. by Mind Map: How to Be a Successful Intrapreneur at Work.

1. Who is an intrapreneur?

1.1. An intrapreneur is essentially an entrepreneur, but one who works within the confines of a corporate organization.

1.2. An intrapreneur differs from an entrepreneur in that he focuses on the growth of an existing, established organization.

1.3. A lot of times people believe that entrepreneurship is strictly associated with start-ups; that’s not the case.

1.3.1. Entrepreneurs can exist in corporations, and corporations need them more and more

2. Traits you need to cultivate to be a successful intrapreneur at work

2.1. Cultivate the T-Shaped knowledge building mind-set.

2.1.1. Successful intrapreneurs have deep knowledge/skills (the vertical bar in the T) in one area and a broad base (the horizontal bar in the T) of general supporting knowledge/skills.

2.1.2. This allows them to overcome functional fixedness and they are able to see things from various perspectives.

2.1.3. Thinking more plainly in generic descriptions helps you move toward generating effective solutions and creative ideas.

2.2. Be a Savvy Collaborator.

2.2.1. Know where to find help and get resources. Intrapreneurs show the value of their network and resourcefulness by using it appropriately.

2.2.2. Successful intrapreneurs do not hesitate to make the best use of the existing facilities to make innovation easier.

2.2.3. They know their organization inside-out and by cultivating a mesh of relationships all around, they make sure that their ideas never lack the required expertise.

2.3. Be curious and open-minded.

2.3.1. Example - the Beatles’ music famously changed when they started toying with experimental tape loops and new instruments like the sitar and the Melodeon.

2.3.2. There’s a major neuroscientific basis for the link between openness to new experience and creative thinking.

2.3.3. They make it a point to meet people outside their department, learn something new beyond their scope of work and look for ways and means in which things can be done differently and better in the current way of working.

2.3.4. Intrapreneurs have a keen sense for trends, for identifying those small and sometimes vague signals that others would ignore.

2.4. Be intellectually honest.

2.4.1. Intrapreneurs are humble and confident.

2.4.2. Intrapreneurs readily admit their mistakes.