The 3 Most Important Skills to Learn Now to Thrive in 2020

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The 3 Most Important Skills to Learn Now to Thrive in 2020 by Mind Map: The 3 Most Important Skills to Learn Now to Thrive in 2020

1. Skill #3: Habit Management

1.1. Track the doing or non-doing of your habits.

1.2. Know your why.

1.2.1. When you know why you do what you do, you can more properly decide which habits are good and which habits are bad for you.

1.3. Shape your environment.

1.3.1. You think you have control over your own actions, but that’s simply not true. No mind is strong enough to resist the urge to do your bad habit if it’s right there in front of you at all times.

2. Skill #2: Time Management

2.1. Know your hacks. The easiest [do/not do] things to save the most time

2.1.1. Do Listen to other people’s constructive feedback Act on what you read Take a break when you need it Revisit your self-awareness regularly Recall or implement what you previously learned Start the day knowing what you’re going to do Watching instructional videos at 2x

2.1.2. Don't Do Going to meetings that have nothing to do with you or don’t have an agenda Doing what you went to school for even if you lost your “passion” Driving or commuting during rush hour Only thinking about yourself Going to a further away store to save pennies Snoozing Having a TV in front of a couch Going to school for a piece of paper Working on your hardest problems when you’re sleepy

2.2. Balance short-term vs long-term

2.2.1. Short-term gains Pros Instant gratification. Life almost always feels good. It’s less stressful at first. Cons It’s addicting. You tend to forego future gains, limiting your possibilities of thriving. You miss out on things that take you out of your comfort zone (missing important life lessons).

2.2.2. Long-term gains Pros You tend to be healthier and have better habits. You tend to be wealthier later in life. Cons It’s damn hard to delay gratification! It may seem like you’re working very hard for no returns. If you need money now to survive, you can’t focus too much on the long-term.

2.3. Use the Eisenhower Matrix the right way.

2.3.1. Quadrant I: Urgent and Important

2.3.2. Quadrant II: Important but not urgent

2.3.3. Quadrant III: Not important but urgent

2.3.4. Quadrant IV: Not important and not urgent

3. Skill #1: Learning Management

3.1. Remain curious. Do these daily:

3.1.1. Write down a list of 3 things you take for granted but have no idea why they work or why they behave as they do

3.1.2. Write down a list of 10 new ideas on paper

3.1.3. Observe people’s behaviour and try to imitate them

3.2. Learn how to learn

3.2.1. Think things through What would it mean to master the skill? Can I break it down in small sub-skills? What resources can I use to learn it (notice the plurality)? How can I track my progress? How can I be deliberate and consistent in my practice?

3.2.2. Build SkillUp Trees

3.2.3. Follow-through

3.2.4. Learning How to Learn course

3.3. Increase your capacity to retain important information

3.3.1. The Forgetting Curve

3.3.2. Use Spaced Repetition

3.3.3. Teach others

3.3.4. Sleep on it