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HR group software by Mind Map: HR group software

1. Modules

1.1. Talent Acquistion & Onboarding

1.1.1. Personnel Request form Validation as per Personnel Policy authorization chart Control by HR - Budget requirements etc

1.1.2. Integration with job boards Jobsdb thailand Jobsdb HK Naukri Linkedin 51 jobs (China) Free job boards : Indeed / Glassdoor etc

1.1.3. Recruiter / Hiring Manager collaboration space Screening CVs / feedback etc Custom hiring process

1.1.4. Candidate pool & CRM functionality Emailing campaign Filter candidates per countries Candidate database

1.1.5. Candidate management Email Integration Share documents (i.e. handbooks, policies) Assign onboarding training programs One-click onboarding Email templates for offers and rejection Collect e-signatures Digital offer letter

1.1.6. Pre boarding functionalites upload Passbook / bank info Vision general company info : Personnel policy? Intro to buddy? Etc

1.1.7. Reporting Turn around time Number of applicants per jobs Number of applicants per channels Number of applicants per job per country Pool report : per job categroy / experience? / location etc Onboarding : number of onboarding done recruitments : number of recruitments filled / pending / processing / on hold? / confidential etc

1.2. Learning & developement

1.2.1. Evaluation forms Supplier eval form Post training eval form 75 days eval form

1.2.2. Training catalog per countries

1.2.3. Integration of training plans per countries

1.2.4. Reporting Number of training hours Budget spent VS budget forecasted Training plan implementation VS forecasted

1.3. Performance Management

1.3.1. KPI & Competency library integration Able to customize library per countries


1.3.3. ABLE to submit edits to HR anytime Change of action plans

1.3.4. Genral functionalities Auto reminders for one on ones monthly or quarterly / mid year reviews / yearly reviews etc Able to vision direct sub and indirect sub (functional). View history of previous years

1.3.5. One on one documentation document feedbacks from one on ones

1.3.6. Form integrations Self evaluation PMS Template Probation objectives ? End of probation (customized per countries)

1.3.7. Probation objectives integration Space for action plans Reminders to follow up objectives

1.4. Reporting & dashboard

1.5. Talent Management & succession planning

2. Project Management

2.1. Group HR : KP & SC

2.2. IT : Sumet & Pratch

2.3. Local HRs ?

2.4. CHRO

3. Fit to Vision

3.1. No paper based process

3.2. SMART analytics

3.3. Gather operational data (excel) into new software

3.4. Integration with Power BI / local Payroll softwares / Microsoft tools?

3.5. Provider providing contuous upgrades

3.6. Integration or scalable with AI / Machine learning etc?

3.7. Integration with other HR modules : Engagement, Expense management etc

4. Key success factors

4.1. Top management buy in with Budget

4.1.1. Interview with Directors after the survey (factual data to push the project)

4.1.2. Weekly articles about HR transformation / Automation / importance HR business partnering

4.1.3. Highlight ROI - impact on retention rate / HR P&L / Metrics on engagement / Impact on HR heacount and job responsibilities / Hidden cost

4.1.4. How other companies work : success stories ? Similar company size

4.1.5. How do we work now VS how to work in the future

4.2. Requirements in line with Manager expectations

4.2.1. Survey

4.2.2. Interviews key managers : difficulties PMS / expectations etc.

4.3. Change Management transition period.

4.3.1. Target one module (quick win) to a specific company / territory => Pilot phase learning feedback during xxx months

4.4. One resource : IT/HR to be accountable for process improvements

4.4.1. To integrate in budget orientations 2021?

4.4.2. Highlight current time spent from IT team on HR topics / Does dextra need to outsource?

4.5. To use leaders of the company to push the project


4.6. Quality of provider selected

4.7. Quality of Dextra requirements

5. Main obstacles

5.1. Budget

5.1.1. SMART quotations by August 2020 to be integrated in budget

5.2. Education of Top management : CHRO / CEO / DIRECTORS

5.3. Training / cooperation within HR teams

5.3.1. Feedback sharing sessions with HR managers : Sophia and Pattaraporn

5.3.2. Communication to HR team members : Meetings for Q&A / DA meetings

5.4. Manager acceptance from the tool : need to work in advance with them

5.4.1. Survey, need collection

5.5. Quality of provider and assistance

5.6. Quality of Dextra Requirements