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Method by Mind Map: Method

1. Definition: well-organized set of specifications to achieve linguistic objectives.

2. These are recurring and applicable to various topics.

3. Elements and subelements (Richards and Rodgers 1986)

3.1. Approach

3.1.1. a) A theory of the nature of language.

3.1.2. b) A theory of the nature of language learning.

3.2. Design

3.2.1. a) The general and specific objectives of the method.

3.2.2. b) A syllabus model.

3.2.3. c) Types pf learning and teaching activities.

3.2.4. d) Learner roles.

3.2.5. e) Teachers roles.

3.2.6. f) The role of instructional materials.

3.3. Procedure

3.3.1. a) Classroom techniques, practices, and behaviors when the method is used.

3.3.2. b) Resources in term of time, space, and equipment used by the teacher.

3.3.3. c) Interactional patterns observed in lessons.

3.3.4. d) Tactics and strategies used by teachers and learners when the methods is being use.

4. Types

4.1. Grammar Translation Method

4.2. Direct Method

4.3. Audiolingual Method

4.4. Situational Language

4.5. Suggestopedia

4.6. The silent way

4.7. Total Physical Response

4.8. Task Based Learning

5. It´s the way you apply theories and principles to language teaching and learning.

6. These focus on the role and behavior of teachers and students.

7. Theoretical and practical interaction.