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Food by Mind Map: Food

1. THINGS FOR EATING: -forks -glass -dishes -cup/bowl -cloth -knife -bottle -spoon

2. DRINKS: -fruit juice -orange juice -apple juice -coke -lemonade -milk -water still/sparkling

3. ALCOLIC DRINKS: -red wine -white wine -beer -liqueur

4. FRUIT: -apple -orange -bananas -mango -strowberry -nuts -pear

5. VAGETABLE: -lattuce/salad -tomato -carrot -onion -bean -potato

6. CARBOHYDRATES: -bread -pasta -pizza -noodles -rice -bread stick

7. COMPLET DISH: -sandwich -soup -fish and chips -egg -cesar salad -tuna -meat -burger -ham -chiken -lentils -pie -cheese

8. SNACK AND PREPARETED FOOD: -creker -energy bar -bar -chips -broche

9. SWEET FOOD: -pudding -cheesecake -yogurt -apple pie -tarte -bisquits

10. DRESSING: -oil -butter -sauce bbq -salt -sugar -vinegiare -pepper -soy sauce -chilli pepper -curry -ketchup -mayonnise -