ADDIE by F. Nelles

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ADDIE by F. Nelles by Mind Map: ADDIE by F. Nelles

1. 2. Design

1.1. For each objective

1.1.1. design final assessment activity What will successive

1.1.2. design content delivery option(s) classroom lecture? video lecture? reading? Help associated with online homework?

1.1.3. Envision what students will be actively doing during content delivery notes? summaries? follow-up exercises? (see next step)

1.1.4. design exercises students use to process content online homework or quiz? inclass guided exercise? inclass quiz? takehome quiz/exercise writing exercise? Select problem sets from text

1.2. Arrange the components in a sensible order, perhaps using a calendar.

1.2.1. Decide on sequences

1.2.2. Consider how quizzes and exercises follow up with homework

1.2.3. Consider how lectures interrelate with exercises

1.2.4. decide on due dates

1.3. Design modes of communication with student

1.3.1. Write a course calendar

1.3.2. Consider how much detail to provide students concerning assignments (e.g. just titles? full details? unveil sequentially? etc.)

1.3.3. Consider how to coordinate fact that activities occur across platforms and in multiple locations.

1.3.4. Consider which components are flexible and which will be kept completely rigid. what components will be outlined now but written later? Distinguish between firm dates that will be given to student. Decide on flexibility that student will be accorded. Decide how to handle matters when student is absent student does not complete assigned work by deadline

2. 1. Analyze

2.1. Describe Content

2.1.1. Define overall goal of the instruction?

2.1.2. Define learning objectives.

2.2. Describe Need for Content

2.2.1. Why do learners need goal?

2.2.2. Why do the learning objectives matter?

2.2.3. How do the learning objectives support the goal?

2.3. Describe learners

2.3.1. Who will be learning?

2.3.2. Why are they learning?

2.4. Describe time frame

2.4.1. How long do you have to develop?

2.4.2. How long do students have to learn?

2.5. Describe the environment

2.5.1. What does class look like?

2.5.2. What does online portion look like?

2.5.3. Where will online portion be housed?

3. 3. Develop

3.1. Set up learning management platform

3.2. Write exercises

3.3. Write lecture outlines

3.4. Record any video lectures

3.5. Write quizzes

3.6. Write final assessment

3.7. Select online homework exercises

4. 5. Evaluate

4.1. Review online components in a scheduled manner`

4.1.1. 1. are students complying?

4.1.2. 2. are online components up and working?

4.1.3. 3. How well are students doing?

4.2. FOR EACH ACTIVITY: How do results compare to expectations?

4.2.1. Do the instructions need clarification?

4.2.2. Was the content delivery adequate? information missing? information unclear? previously unknown holes in learner background?

4.2.3. Was there enough scaffolding?

4.2.4. What was emotional response from learners?

4.3. FOR EACH ASSESSMENT: Are students meeting learning objectives?

4.3.1. If not, should additional content or activity be provided?

4.3.2. If not, how should upcoming activities be modified?

4.3.3. If not, should instructor communicate with individual student to make new plan?

4.3.4. If not, should additional opportunities for learning be provided?

5. 4. Implement

5.1. Open course to students; release components as per schedule

5.2. Flesh out in-person lectures

5.3. Deliver interactive components

5.4. Communicate with students in person and online

5.5. Rewrite upcoming exercises

5.6. Rewrite upcoming quizzes

5.7. Rewrite lecture outlines