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Morphology by Mind Map: Morphology

1. Morpheme

1.1. Traditional classification

1.1.1. Roots Classical lexical morphemes Express the concrete material part of the meaning

1.1.2. Affixes Word-building functions Prefixes Suffixes Express different grammatical categories Inflexions

1.2. Definition

1.2.1. The smallest unit of language that has its own meaning, either a word or a part of a word

2. Distribution

2.1. Types of distribution

2.1.1. contrastive The suffixes

2.1.2. non-contrastive The suffixes

2.1.3. complementary The plural allomorph The allomorphs of the plural morpheme

2.2. Definition

2.2.1. The occurrence of a lexical unit relative to other lexical units of the same level

2.2.2. The position which lexical units occupy or may occupy in the text or in the flow of speech

2.3. Distributional morpheme types

2.3.1. Degree of selfdependence Free Bound

2.3.2. segmental relation Segmental Suprasegmental

2.3.3. formal presentation Overt Covert

2.3.4. linear characteristic Continuous Discontinuous

2.3.5. grammatical alternation Additive Replacive

3. Word

3.1. Defenition

3.1.1. A nominative unit of language

3.1.2. The largest unit in morphology

3.1.3. Formed by morphemes

3.1.4. Used for the formation of the sentence

3.1.5. Enters the lexicon of language as its component