BYU Campus Map

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BYU Campus Map by Mind Map: BYU Campus Map

1. Campus Communications

1.1. Previously in charge of the Campus Map website

2. OIT

2.1. Website


2.2. Mobile App

2.2.1. Consumes website

2.3. Infrastructure

2.3.1. ArcGIS Enterprise [AWS] ArcGIS Portal Hosts routing and floorpan data ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing (routing)

2.4. Data Hosting

2.4.1. Wherever possible host input data in the API Store

3. Physical Facilities

3.1. Building Data

3.1.1. Georeferenced Revit Models Rooms Floorplans Doors Accessible Doors Room #'s

3.1.2. CAD files Campus Site Building Footprints Outdoor routes

4. Space Management

4.1. Type & Attributes of Rooms

4.1.1. All Restrooms Accessible Changing Tables Mothers Lounge Single User

4.1.2. CSV via FTP


5.1. GIS "Map" Data

5.1.1. Extract from Revit Rooms Doors Fountains, etc.

5.1.2. Convert from CAD Campus base map Building footprints

5.2. GIS Attribute Data

5.2.1. Built and populated relational database of attributes for all features (doors, restrooms, fountains, etc.) Work with Data Stewards to fix data issues Work with Data Stewards to automate data management tasks wherever possible

5.3. Training

5.3.1. Provide training to Data Stewards enabling them to keep their data up to date

5.4. Create and network dataset and custom routing geoprocessing tool for accessible / non-accessible routing.

5.5. Work with OIT to provide whatever data and support is needed to maintain the campus map website and mobile application

6. BYU Parking Services

6.1. Parking

6.1.1. Lot Type

6.1.2. Lot Numbers

6.1.3. Enforcement Hours