LB 2020 Finale

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LB 2020 Finale by Mind Map: LB 2020 Finale

1. Speakers

1.1. Keynote = Lauren McLean

1.1.1. Interactive component?

1.2. General Garshak

1.3. Adaptive Leadership Panel

1.3.1. Moderator = Jamal Nelson, St. Luke's Connie Miller, Icon Credit Union Ka'ren Sander, Urban Land Institute, Downtown Business Assoc'n Erin-Todd Hansen, Intuit Brook Green Peter Barton, Judge

1.3.2. Need a meeting of panel members ahead of time

1.4. Speaker gifts by Kylene TBD

2. Food

2.1. Breakfast

2.1.1. Coffee

2.1.2. Food

2.1.3. Need a leader

2.2. Lunch

2.2.1. Even Stevens confirmed

2.2.2. Lead = Emily

3. Raffle Items

3.1. Kylene: Taco Bell Arena tickets

3.2. Shira: Hotel nights at Grove Hotel

3.3. Stacey: The Reef

3.4. Emily: Ten ($10) Even Stevens gift cards

3.4.1. Use 8 to reward first place team

3.5. Tonya: D&B Supply and Lowe's

3.6. Tonya: Two Rivers Salon & Spa

3.7. Cornelia: Elements Massage

3.8. Emily: Bogus Basin passes

3.9. Shira: Wyatt re Zoo passes

3.10. Cornelia: Id Botanical Gardens

4. Sponsors

4.1. Tonya: $350 from First Interstate Bank

4.2. Emily: $500 from Mtn West Bank

4.3. Stacey: $400 from HDR

4.4. $424.75 from T-shirt sales

4.4.1. Let's do another in a diff color! Yell/grey or Blue/white

4.5. Shira: $1000 or $500 from Boise Center

4.6. Rory: Wells Fargo needs to wait until January

4.7. Jeremy: $500 from NG's Morale, Welfare and Rec committee

5. Communication Plan

5.1. Feb LB meeting needs announcement re Finale

6. Great Boise Adventure

6.1. Opening Retreat

6.1.1. Climbing wall at JUMP, Grove Plaza, or some other green space. (With burpies!) 2 people climbing = 2 chances to get a good time. Harness up 2 climbers to get to the envelopes at the top.

6.1.2. Alex and Wyatt

6.2. Golf Tournament

6.3. Quality of Life (Jeremy)

6.3.1. Freak Alley with photo challenge using #QualityofLIfe at certain picture they need to find

6.3.2. Heidi and Nate to volunteer

6.4. Infrastructure / Environment (Camille)

6.4.1. VRT terminal with route map/terminal challenge around bus stops /schedule

6.4.2. May In Motion tie-in? Ask re sponsoring, giveaways or free bike rentals?

6.4.3. Rachel from IMG to volunteer

6.5. Health (Tonya)

6.5.1. Idea #1 -- Upcycle for a bike race to 5 miles, or answer trivia question to reduce the distance.

6.5.2. Idea #2 -- Yoga at Sage Yoga or another site Need a site who is a member. Pivot North?

6.5.3. Black Box VR gym as location?

6.5.4. Lisa and Brie will organize

6.6. Education (Emily)

6.6.1. E-Sports at BSU with a video game challenge against BSU E-sports athletes

6.6.2. Anthony and Tony

6.7. Media (Shira)

6.7.1. Duft Watterson (on Basque Block)

6.7.2. Pete and Erik

6.8. Legal / Social (Tony)

6.8.1. Kristi Britt and Steve Wieland to assist

6.9. Government (Kylene)

6.9.1. "Protesting" at Rotunda in Capitol. With signs or costumes, etc.

6.9.2. John Hughes and Jessica

6.10. Business (Rory)

6.10.1. Business ranking exercise (same as last year) at location TBD Rory has a lead re velcro game board

6.10.2. Athlos Academy as location?

6.10.3. Zack and Kelsey

7. Non-Profit = Idaho Youth Challenge Academy

8. Venues

8.1. US Bank Building

8.1.1. Back up plan = Boise Center

8.1.2. Confirmed, but can we get it in early?

8.2. The Reef

8.2.1. 60 people with more reserved tables than last year

8.2.2. 2019 tab = $900; Budget for $1500

8.2.3. Rain contingency plan is just moving indoors

8.2.4. No formal proposal yet

8.3. Oppenheimer Park for GBA starting point