Example of phone conversation

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Example of phone conversation by Mind Map: Example of phone conversation

1. Part seller: hello CARQUEST lac-st-charles my name is kym can i help you ?

2. Customer: Hi , i need some brake oil for my car ..

3. Part seller: ok what is your name ?

4. Customer: my name is Pauline Brown.

5. Part seller: is it your fist time here ?

6. Customer: NO. I have an account with you.

7. Part seller: Ok. What's your phone number miss ?

8. Customer: My phone number is 418-455-4848.

9. Part seller: so the oil you need it's for your 2009 hyundai sonata ?

10. Customer: yes it's right

11. Part seller: ok, so brake oil for you, its made an amount of $10.40 do you need anything else with that?

12. Customer: no. that's all right i pay you by debit.

13. Part seller: perfect ! tank you and have a good day.

14. Customer: YES. you to.