Manila's Abortion Ban is Killing Women

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Manila's Abortion Ban is Killing Women by Mind Map: Manila's Abortion Ban is Killing Women

1. Several U.S. states including Alabama, Georgia, and Missouri have recently passed draconian abortion laws

2. A country whose religious and political history is cosely related to the United States such is in the Phippines, abortion has been banned completely for more than a century

3. Some trained doctors in the Philippines secretly offer safe abortions in clinics, risking their careers out of their belief that women should have the right to ensure their own well-being

4. Philippine law mandates prison terms of up to six years for people who have abortions and for anyone who assists in the procedure

5. In the Philippines, where over 90 percent of the population identifies as Christian, proposals to change abortion laws are consistently opposed by the highly influential Catholic Church

6. The impact of other Catholic religios on sexual life and public health is the prohibition of using contraception which has caused new cases of HIV in the country to surge more than 3.000% between 2007 and 2017

7. CONCLUSION: With a background as one of the countries that had been colonized by the United States and has the most Catholic,Philippines made a regulation prohibiting abortion.However, the regulation has a negative impact on soceity including whomen who die from illegal abortion, HIV-infected men and trained doctors risking their careers by offering safe abortions in secret.