Carmen's Career Development Plan

Carmen's career development plan

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Carmen's Career Development Plan by Mind Map: Carmen's Career Development Plan

1. Career Goal

1.1. Designer & facilitators of leadership programs

1.2. Influencer of culture changes (i.e. DT, CCC, NmC)

1.3. OD practitioner, entrusted by the business colleagues to carry out the planned change processes in the organization

2. SLDS Job requirements

2.1. Identify appreciate learning & organizational needs according to business direction and formulate and implement yearly L&D plan

2.1.1. Collect learning needs from EMs and Lab

2.1.2. Support LDM to understand the BNA of HK business leaders

2.1.3. Understand HK colleague's learning needs (i.e. survey, casual check-in)

2.1.4. Collect learning needs and pain point from colleagues from OD interventions

2.1.5. Attend CAS Engineering meeting every month to understand their learning needs

2.2. Fully understand features and designs of complex L&D programs and effectively deploy to enhance desired business outcomes

2.2.1. Develop and deliver new PE courses for people leaders Leading and engaging millennial Managing a multi-generation team

2.2.2. Design and deliver PE VILC course for Role A&B

2.2.3. Design and deliver open classes for all staff DT- related topics U-connect on career stories

2.2.4. Embed ULearning (mobile learning) with the team development for different individuals 天下: learning the market trends Provide feedback positively (i.e. AI) Hawhow: have micro-learning materials for practical topics

2.3. Develop and facilitate post-training application with program stakeholders

2.3.1. Progress update with project sponsor after every OD intervention

2.3.2. Strengthen on-going learning materials shared with learners to sustain learning effectiveness

2.3.3. Reflection meeting after the completion of L&D intervention

2.4. Lead regional project and/or lcoal L&D projects. Communicate timely to project stakeholders to ensure efficient approaches. Engage and influence team members to keep up momentum of the project

2.4.1. Co-lead DT Project Details yet to be discussed with Joanna

2.5. Facilitate supervisory and general staff training and workshops

2.5.1. Facilitate IHP program independently in HK

2.5.2. PE related program U-connection session DT related Open Class VILC & ILC class

2.5.3. Support MMHP (?)

2.5.4. Support ASEAN local talent development program (?)

2.6. Assist in design and deliver complex OD and change management strategies, process and interventions that support the client's needs

2.6.1. Work with LDM to design and deliver OD intervention based on EMs request Teambuilding Understand the team on Career Development Facilitate Strategy meeting

2.6.2. Engage EMs to start the OD invention on enhancing coaching & leadership skills Coaching Provide positive feeddback Leading and engaging millennials Managing a multi-generation team

3. Key capabilities/competencies needed to be strengthened

3.1. Consultation skills and diagnosis of client’s needs

3.2. Influencing people leaders in different styles

3.3. Build Credible relationship with business leaders

3.4. Design leadership program

3.5. Facilitation skills for leadership program